Ceres-Negros FC adds big names for AFC Champions League

Hartmann on the left, and Minegishi on the right (Ceres Media/Ceres website)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

After ending 2019 with a series of championships from the Philippine Football League to the Copa Paulino Alcantara Cup, Ceres-Negros FC is preparing for one of the grandest football tournaments, the AFC Champions League.

Ceres wants more and they are aiming for nothing less but the title after acquiring veterans Mark Hartmann and Pika Minegishi, who both played overseas for a long time and are announcing their return to the Philippines this January.

The Thai league’s main gunners will be bolstering Ceres’ lineup for the Champions League and they are expecting more from the star-studded roster.

Joining Hartmann and Minegishi is Ceres’ team captain Stephan Shrock, star forwards Bienve Marañon and Robert Lopez Mendy.

“They (Hartmann and Minegishi) will certainly help the club achieve our goals this season. It is always tough to maintain or surpass the level every season, but as a club, we are committed to represent club football in the Philippines the best way we can,” said Nicolas Golez, the club’s administrator.