CHMSU joins global effort for UN SDGs

BACOLOD CITY — Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) has joined the ranks of institutions, companies, groups, and individuals committed to promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through education.

President Norberto Mangulabnan signed the SDG Accord on May 31. CHMSU is now among 385 institutions, 67 student unions, and 2,022 individuals globally who have signed the accord.

By signing, CHMSU recognizes the indivisible and interconnected nature of the universal set of goals: People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership, and Peace.

As an academic institution, CHMSU has a responsibility to play a central and transformational role in attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

CHMSU is not new to the SDGs, said Rhoderick Samonte, director of the Center for Internationalization and External Relations.

“The UN Sustainable Development Goals have been embedded in our curriculum as well as our research and innovation, extension, and flagship programs,” Samonte said.

By signing the accord, the university strengthens its commitment to sustainable development even beyond 2030, he added.

CHMSU, like other signatories, will align all major efforts with the SDGs, targets, and indicators through education, research, leadership, operational, and engagement activities.

The university will aim to involve members from all key stakeholder groups in this endeavor, including students, academics, professional staff, local communities, and other external stakeholders.

It will also collaborate across cities, regions, countries, and continents with other signatory institutions as part of a collective international response.

Using its unique methods, CHMSU will inform, share learning, and account to both local and global communities its progress toward the SDGs.

Lastly, the university will submit an annual report on how it contributes to the SDGs along with plans for the following year.


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