CHR supports P100 daily wage hike for Filipino Workers

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has extended its full support for the recently proposed P100 increase in the daily minimum wage for private-sector employees in the Philippines.

The proposed wage hike, which the CHR commends, marks a significant effort by the Senate and various sectoral groups to promote fair and just compensation for workers nationwide.

Senate Bill No. 2534, proposing the wage hike, received unanimous approval during its third reading in the Senate plenary session on February 19, 2024.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri noted that this could lead to the first legislated pay increase across the country since 1989.

Recognized for their dynamic contribution across various sectors, Filipino workers have tirelessly fulfilled their responsibilities despite a prolonged battle for livable wages—a struggle marked by socio-economic disparities and exacerbated by the country’s inflationary pressures.

Many Filipino workers bear the brunt of economic challenges, facing soaring essential goods prices and diminished purchasing power, leading to a higher cost of living. These conditions have compelled some to seek opportunities abroad, while others endure daily hardships due to low pay and unequal opportunities.

The CHR reiterates its commitment to the principle that all Filipinos are entitled to a decent life, asserting that proactive policies supporting workers’ rights are essential not only for economic opportunities but also for upholding their dignity and honor.

Citing Article XIII of the 1987 Constitution, the CHR emphasizes the state’s role in offering full labor protection, promoting equal employment opportunities, and fostering the well-being of its people as part of nation-building efforts.

The Commission acknowledges the importance of a balanced approach in increasing the minimum wage while considering its economic impact, especially on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Advocating for a sustainable, inclusive, and fair minimum wage is crucial to promoting a quality life for all parties involved.

The CHR views the proposed P100 daily minimum wage increase as a crucial step forward for the Filipino workforce, leading to improved living conditions and a more robust national labor force. This policy is seen as a foundational stride towards transforming the Philippines into a developed nation with a capable and empowered workforce, bolstered by equitable opportunities.