Cockfight enthusiast shot dead outside Alimodian cockpit

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A cockfight enthusiast was believed to have instantly died after he was repeatedly shot late evening of Jan. 16 at Alimodian, Iloilo.

The victim was identified as Rodelin Doromal, Jr., 57, of Barangay Agsalanan, Dingle, Iloilo.
Police identified at least three persons on board a white pick-up as suspects in the killing of Doromal.

According to reports, the suspect was walking outside the Gallera de Alimodian at Barangay Baguingin-Lanot, when the gun attack happened.

One of the three suspects suddenly shot the victim. Witnesses said the gunman was wearing a red t-shirt, a black ball cap and denim pants.

The suspects immediately speed in an unknown direction.

The victim, on the other hand, was rushed to Aleosan District Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Captain Chrysler Jhon Ledesma, Alimodian police chief, said they still have to gather additional information on the suspects’ identities and the vehicle they used.

Recovered from the crime scene were three fired cartridges of caliber .45 ammunition and a folding knife.