Communication: A Business’ Solution Amidst the Outbreak

By Sean Gerard Angel Pijuan

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been spreading swiftly around the globe. Many businesses are wary of this, but how can they prepare for something that is being transmitted without detection? There are too many things to do to combat COVID-19, so where should we start and what should we prioritize?

The vaccine has not yet officially come out and the test kits are not yet enough. The best thing we do, aside from basic hygiene, is to over-communicate. As COVID-19 rapidly spreads within groups of people, so should our communication spread too. Even when we have identified that communication is one of the basic and first steps towards safety and health, we still need to identify the proper way of doing it.


Before you could inform, you need to be informed

Fear and rumors can also spread rapidly like a virus. Companies should be able to identify factual updates about COVID-19 and control it. Information should come from DOH or medical and professional sources. Organization and maintenance of information dissemination need to be documented and followed. A business should establish universal contacts and information sources.


Stay informed

After identifying authoritative sources of public health guidance on COVID-19, companies need to assign an employee to stay up to date on official recommended and mandated actions given by the proper authorities.


Intense communication and restrictions

Companies can effectively implement measures to reduce the risk of workplace transmission through proper communication. Respective departments should know their roles. responsibilities. These should be properly documented and specific names should be identified as persons in-charge. Meetings should be minimized or avoided. Important agendas can be cascaded through media or video calls. Propose guidelines and sanctions for violations against protocols, particularly on health and safety. Legal policies should be in line with the business and its departments.


Know and understand your listeners (the employees)

This is what it is all about, the employees. In my previous articles, I wrote about employees being the greatest asset of businesses. COVID-19 is a specific threat to our most valuable asset. Aside from having rules and policies that will protect our employees, they should have a venue to voice out their concerns and give us updates on their well-being.

We should be planning not solely on our profits but on the health and safety of our employees. Leaves should be properly allocated and compensations are given fairly. Options should be exhausted in terms of giving employees the benefits and protection they need during this time.

As long as we have careful attention to employees and be prepared, we will minimize any risk of infection. This is mainly achieved through complete, consistent and clear communication.


Sean Gerard Angel Z. Pijuan is the Senior Quality Management Officer of Invictus Prime Holdings Corporation, a corporation that manages the consolidation and integration of operations within its companies:  Complete Logistic Control Inc., ZKO Group Distributors Inc., Philfast Global Forwarding Inc., Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corp., and SCMIX Builders Inc.