Completed flood control structure protects coastal barangay in northern Negros Occ.

Lives, properties, and livelihoods of the people in the coastal barangay of Punta Mesa in Manapla, Negros Occidental are now safer from flooding with the construction of a flood control structure along the Dapdap River.

Undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-Negros Occidental 1st District Engineering Office, the revetment wall project includes the construction of a 1.16-kilometer, 3-meter-high stone masonry structure in the amount of ₱44.9 million.

As reported by OIC-District Engineer Dene B. Baldonado Jr., DPWH-6 Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said the completed structure will reduce possible damage that may be caused by flooding and erosion of riverbanks.

“This revetment wall will protect the riverbanks from erosion and prevent the possible water overflow, especially these days that we are experiencing series of typhoons and rain showers,” Engr. Bueno said.

The flood control structure will also protect the lives, properties and livelihoods of hundreds of residential households, as well as agricultural areas in the community.

“This structure will not only protect roughly 8,000 residents of the coastal barangay of Punta Mesa but also the people of its neighboring barangays, making them more secured even when heavy rains occur,” Director Bueno added.

Punta Mesa is one of the coastal barangays in the town of Manapla in northern Negros Occidental. It is prone to flooding due to the presence of different bodies of water including Guimaras Strait on its west side.

Typhoons and high tides also contribute to the increase in water level along the river, which poses a great threat to people, their properties, and their livelihood.

“It is one of our priorities to ensure that people living near rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water are safe from possible damage due to flood, erosion, or water overflow. DPWH continues to work with other partner agencies and stakeholders in order to provide quality infrastructure projects and services for the welfare of our fellowmen,” Bueno stressed. (DPWH-6)