Concrete road boosts coconut-processing industry in Aklan

Drone shot of the completed 2,410 lineal meters road concreting project in Batan, Aklan. Photo courtesy by DPWH, Aklan DEO.

Residents and traders traveling to coconut processing centers in Batan, Aklan now have smoother travel experience with the completion of the convergence road project undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Aklan District Engineering Office.

The P28.9 million project in convergence with the Department of trade and Industry (DTI) through the Roads and Leveraging Linkages of Industry and Trade (ROLL IT) program, aims to support local businesses, specifically the coconut industry in Aklan.

Citing a report from OIC-District Engineer Gener J. Abergas, Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said the road concreting measures 2,410 lineal meters and involves the construction of concrete drainage that stretches to Poblacion Batan-Mandong-Napti-Camanci-Sapian.

“The completed paved road in Batan, Aklan seeks to promote the province’s local economy and encourage more profitable prospects for strengthening the province’s coconut industry,” Bueno stated.

“We assure that this concrete road, in partnership with DTI, would promote a more progressive local enterprise that can enhance the lives of Filipino people.”

On the other hand, a resident was grateful for the completion of the said project, as it would provide a better travel experience compared to before.

“It used to be muddy going to town, but not anymore. Thank you, DPWH, for paving the road to make travel easier for our community,” said Marianito Nanoy. (DPWH-6)