Cop probed for woman’s death

A POLICE officer is under investigation for the death of a woman by stray bullet.

The incident happened 11:30 p.m. of March 1, 2019 at Sitio Nalukpan, Barangay Putian, a hinterland village 35 kilometers from the town proper of Cuartero in Capiz.

The victim is Mery Cris Dellava, 29, who was hit by a stray bullet inside their house.

Police Corporal Almar Quiachon, 33, also of Putian village, allegedly fired his gun to quell further attacks by Jovel Onato.

Police Captain Mary Grace Borio, Cuartero police chief, said Onato, 39, of Barangay Mahunodhunod, Cuartero, started a commotion while in a community dance or baylehan.

Quiachon, who was off duty, was in the area to fetch some relatives. Concerned citizens later asked for his help to pacify Onato.

“He went inside the dance hall and identified himself as a policeman. When Corporal Quiachon tried to confront Onato, the latter pushed him,” Borio said.

Quiachon lost his balance and fell to the pavement.

Onato took this chance and went out of the hall but Quiachon followed him.

At one point inside the dance hall, the suspect allegedly shot the cop but his gun jammed.

“When Onato attempted to aim his gun at Quiachon, our policeman took his firearm and shot him,” Borio said.

The shot wounded Onato but it remains unclear if the bullet went through his body and latter hit Dellava, who was inside their house located some 20 meters from the dance hall.

Borio is not discounting the possibility that Onato also fired his gun and could have hit Dellava.

Dellava was attending to her newborn child when the incident happened.

Both Onato and Dellava were rushed to the hospital but the latter did not survive.

It appeared that no first aid was applied to Dellava’s wounded left arm. She was transported to the hospital on board a motorcycle.

From Cuartero town, they navigated a rough terrain until they reached Maayon town. They then took a short cut before reaching Bailan District Hospital in Pontevedra town where she was declared dead on arrival.

Onato was also brought to the same hospital but was referred to Capiz Emmanuel Hospital in Roxas City.

Borio said Onato is now on hospital arrest while Quiachon voluntarily surrendered and is now restricted at the police station.

“We are still awaiting result for the paraffin test on Onato and Quiachon,” she said.

The guns used in the incident were subjected to ballistic tests.