CORDON SANITAIRE?: Regional police office adopts new rules on interviews with new boss

DG file photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

New commander, new rule?

Will newly-installed Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 chief Brigadier General Jack Wanky make himself scarce for media interviews?

That would apparently be the case if the guidance issued by the PRO-6 Public Information Office (PIO) is followed.

This move comes following Major Mary Grace Borio, the PRO-6 spokesperson chief, releasing a statement indicating that media interviews with the newly-appointed regional director will now require her mediation.

On Feb. 21, two days after Wanky formally assumed post, the PRO-PIO issued a statement to the Iloilo Police and Defense Press Corps (IPDPC) group chat that, in essence, media could not directly go to Wanky for an interview.

“All media interviews (live, phone patch, etc) with acting regional director (Wanky) will pass through me na po,” Major Mary Grace Borio, PRO-6 spokesperson chief.

Journalists covering PRO-6 are also advised to submit their questions in advance of any interview.

Borio will then schedule an interview with Wanky, if the latter’s schedule would allow.

“In other instances, I can still answer on his behalf after I sought his clearance. Please understand that it is my job to facilitate your concerns with ARD,” she said.

Borio cited that such practice is based on the PNP Media Policy.

Meanwhile, Wanky has yet to grant a press conference since he assumed post.

On Friday, Borio announced that Wanky will make his first press conference as PRO-6 chief with the Camp Delgado beat reporters on Monday, Feb. 26.

It is worthy to note, though, that Wanky has granted interviews with some local media in Iloilo and even in Bacolod City, where he served as city police director.