Could Toyota be the key to hybrid’s success in PHL?

TOYOTA Motor Philippines (TMP) wants to make hybrids more mainstream here in the country. In an effort to further boost hybrid power’s profile the Philippines, TMP recently held the ‘Hybrid Electric Technology Conference’, (HEV) laying out the company’s future plans in providing cleaner, greener and more efficient mobility to the country.

Part of the ‘Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050’, the automaker aims at eliminating future carbon emissions globally through various methods. These include: introducing a wide array of hybrid and electric vehicles that emit little to no carbon emissions, reducing and reusing natural resources in their factories, as well as promoting the use of HEVs through strong government and academe collaborations.

Working alongside government officials and esteemed academes, the HEV Conference also saw future plans with the government such as boosting the EV industry by putting up more charging stations, and rolling out electric-powered PUVs for the riding public. In addition, the initial plans for the Philippine xEV strategy were shown which will prioritze, education, research & development, and industry development of EV in the country.

Satoru Suzuki, TMP president, said that popularizing the xEV strategy will depend on many factors. Based on country’s conditions, Suzuki said that their first order of business to make HEVs more popular in order to accelerate the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption.

“Toyota is commited to be part of the solution ahead of future challenges with Toyota Environmental Change 2050 where people, cars, and nature can co-exist in harmony. Towards this direction, Toyota challenges ourselves to achieve not just zero environmental impact but also a net positive impact on Earth and society,” said Vicente Socco, executive vice president, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific.

Dr. David T. Go, vice chairman and treasurer of Toyota Motor Philippines, stated that the company’s push towards sustainable mobility is not for the sake of raking in huge profits, showing off high-tech cars, and displaying complex policy making. Instead, the company wants to leave a cleaner and better world for future generations to live and thrive.

In the future, Toyota has special projects lined up in order to raise public awareness on hybrids. One of these projects includes an educational campus tour in top engineering schools with the use of the all-new Prius. (