CPU racks second win after trouncing WIT in ILOPRISAA

Sak Galvez soars for a layup against WIT’s Dordas (Leobert Julian A. de la Peña)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The CPU Golden Lions are currently on a two-game winning streak after prevailing over a tough Western Institute of Technology (WIT) squad, 83-70, in day 2 of the 2019 tertiary ILOPRISAA.

WIT was off to a good start after equalizing CPU’s paint presence courtesy of an aggressive Jonathan Dordas, whose height advantage over Jesse Sullano enabled him to rise up and cash in numerous baby hooks underneath.

Even with WIT scoring efficiently CPU manage to remain within striking distance courtesy of Elcyd Pascual’s hot start, draining two quick corner threes and a couple of drives to the basket.

Taking the lead 25-20 in the first quarter, CPU made adjustments and pounded it harder in the paint, with an athletic Galvez able to soar and draw fouls, putting the WIT frontcourt in early foul trouble.

WIT’s defense remained consistent; it was on the offensive end where they started to have problems. Suddenly the shots they were making in the early goings were missing the mark, even their point-blank shots couldn’t find the bottom of the basket.

Miguel Sasuman then began to take over, scoring big for the Golden Lions in various ways on the hardwood.

Rey Tupas then helped with the scoring load to finish the game for CPU.