Culinary, History, and Community for Santa Barbara’s 1st Batchoy Fiesta

Text by Bombette Golez Marin

Photos courtesy of Snooky Jaspe-Lacorte

The municipal government of Santa Barbara headed by Mayor Dennis S. Superficial, MD with the Investment Marketing Promotion Unit is inviting everyone to come to celebrate with them and experience small-town hospitality and a savory bowl of its famous Batchoy through its 1st Batchoy Fiesta on September 17, 2023, a Sunday at the town’s Victory Plaza that will start from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Because of its popularity, the Batchoy business in Sta. Barbara thrived and many made their own version of it. The soup is so beloved by Santa Barbaranhons that it has its own fiesta. Why not? The town is known as the province’s Batchoy capital.

Batchoy is just one of the local delicacies that gained the support of the municipal government which has been supportive of the MSMEs sector through various initiatives.

The community of Santa Barbara will highlight this famous soup that is very much associated with Iloilo City said to have originated from a small Chinese community that once lived in the district of La Paz, which is why it is often referred to by its iconic name, La Paz Batchoy.

From the Chinese word “Ba-Chui” or “pieces of meat,” the soup is made up of pork organs, beef loin, beef broth, round egg noodles locally known as Miki, and crushed pork cracklings, the dish has made a name for itself in the area. Locals eat Batchoy with puto (rice cake) or pandesal (cracked bread). This unique concoction is rooted in local history and has raised the interest of many.

Admission is very reasonably priced which will give visitors the chance to sample the town’s famous Batchoy makers such as Sobredo’s Batchoy, Super-o Noodle House, Nancy Batchoy, Primo Garden Batchoyan, Batchoyan ni Jimboy, and Payag ni Evelyn. Local Micro and Small Entrepreneurs will also participate in the event.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience! Join the vibrant community of Sta. Barbara for their 1st Batchoy Fiesta and know why eating Batchoy in this town is worth a pilgrimage.

Santa Barbara is a colorful, romantic town with a rich history and culture. Politically subdivided into 60 barangays, it is 15.6 kilometers or a 30-minute drive from Iloilo City. There are excellent selections of historic sites in the area and you can plan some other great things to see on your trip.