Custom 90s Deadpool repaint and modification!3

By: Joshua Adrian Aristoza

Before we discuss the project a short background about the character; Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s real name) is a superhuman with an accelerated healing factor. He was subjected to several experiments resulting in his disfigured appearance. Known as the “Merc with a Mouth” because of his tendency to talk non-stop and joke regularly. Little known fact about Deadpool, the character is a rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke.

This project was a repaint of the Marvel Legends brand 90s Deadpool action figure made by Hasbro, with the head from the Toybiz S6 Deadpool. I was approached by the client with his idea of combining the two parts from the different toy companies since he wasn’t too happy with the stock figure that he bought. He wanted a more classic look to the figure, and asked me to do the head swap as well as to repaint everything for him. 

The red and black was repainted with shadows and highlights to give the body more depth. The straps were also repainted to make them look more realistic. I also chromed out the swords to give Wade a better experience slicing off limbs. 

Everything is topped off with my usual matte coat to protect the paint from flaking off during play. The result is a figure that is reminiscent of Rob Liefeld’s artwork, which the client grew up reading and is the reason he wanted me to customize the figure in the first place.