Daily Guardian Episode 2019: A New Hope

2019 is the year we learned the most, we grew the most, we gave the most.

We learned that things had to change and new ways had to be sought.

We grew in our platforms, our methods, and our family.

We gave you, our audience all the stories in our care, through multiple perspectives.


We were fearful in our foray into new frontiers, but Iloilo embraced us, nurtured us, celebrated us. Looking back, everything we have worked for and achieved in the past year is a story in itself.

It’s a story we all built together.

Our tapestry is filled with your hopes, your hurt, your triumph.

And it fills us with a new hope for what the future brings.


Thank you!


As we look forward to 2020, the seeds we planted will only continue to grow. We will continue to learn, to grow, and to give.

This the last page of Year 2019.

See you in 2020.

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