DBC Homes: A Sanctuary in the Heart of the City

Are you ready to be part of a community where you get to experience a unique nature-in-the-city lifestyle?

DBC Homes by Diversion AGT & Sons Inc., a real estate developer based in Iloilo City, aims to shape a better community within the heart of the city as it just opened its main office located at Brgy. San Rafael in Mandurriao district on Dec 15, 2022.

Staying true to its vision to build thriving communities where health and wellness is a way of life, DBC Homes plans to build communities with lifescapes that are sustainable, innovative, lifestyle-driven, and nature-oriented.

“We will be focusing more on designing health and wellness, so we will be developing projects that would entail more for the customers so that they can practice health and wellness,” DBC Home Vice President for Operations Allen Son Tan said in an interview.

With its mission of “developing environmentally friendly communities to inculcate the benefits of mother nature to better the lives of customers”, DBC wants to give a relaxing vibe and utilize the positive impacts of nature to its potential members of the community.

“This is a real estate developer that also anchors itself in the vital role of nature for a better community to live in. DBC Homes is different because it puts prime on health and wellness as well as striking the balance of building a nature-friendly community right in the city,” Tan said.

Anchored to its core values – maintain customer focus, nurture the environment, pursue quality workmanship, commit to integrity, create innovations, assure cost consciousness, and foster team work – DBC Homes will let the community feel like they are away from the bustling streets and towering establishments of the city, while still living comfortably with easy access to life’s necessities, and open, green spaces.

Now, be part of a community that will soon rise in the metropolis, yet surrounded by trees and flora, as it offers a unique, nature-in-the-city home lifestyle that will appeal to both city dwellers and nature lovers — a sanctuary in the heart of the city.