DENR-6 gears up for an enhanced biodiversity conservation through PAMB

1. PENRO Edgardo M. Rostata of Guimaras rendering a message before RED Duran during the PAMB 2nd Quarterly Meeting.

The Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) held its second quarterly meeting at the Taklong Island Nation Marine Reserve (TINMR), Guimaras recently to discuss plans and programs for the continued protection and preservation of the marine ecosystem and wildlife in the said Protected Area.

Regional Executive Director (RED) Livino B. Duran, who also chairs the PAMB, presided the meeting and emphasized the need for the concerned government agencies consisting the membership of the PAMB and People’s Organizations to continue working together for the promotion and protection of wildlife and natural resources in TINMR.

“The function of the PAMB includes planning and deciding on matters that would have a direct impact on the wildlife and natural resources of the Protected Areas (Pas) here in Guimaras, specifically here in TINMR. Our decisions should be carefully deliberated in order to prioritize the protection of our PA and at the same time promote eco-tourism, and provide sustainable livelihood to our People’s Organizations (POs) so we can co-exist with our Mother Nature. We can only do this if we work hand in hand and take into consideration the impact of our actions to the environment,” Duran said.

2. RED Livino DURAN together with the members of the PAMB during the meeting

One of the items discussed in the agenda is the creation of TINMR Technical Working Committee (TWC) which shall deliberate all matters and activities in the Protected Area (PA) in Guimaras and pass resolutions for the approval of the PAMB.

“The creation of the Technical Working Committee is in accordance with law and shall help address the concerns in the PAs in Guimaras much faster.  The TWC shall deliberate on matters affecting the TINMR while the PAMB is not session, and shall recommend resolutions to the latter for approval. But in times where there are urgent matters that shall be decided upon, the PAMB may call a special meeting to address the urgent concern,” Duran added.

Other matters and proposed activities within the TINMR were also discussed by different sectors and POs before the PAMB.

Under RA 7586 (National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992), a Protected Area Management Board for each of the established protected area shall be created and shall be composed of the following:

-DENR Regional Executive Director under whose jurisdiction the protected area is located;

-one representative from the autonomous regional government, if applicable; the Provincial Development Officer;

-one representative from the municipal government;

-one representative from each barangay covering the protected area;

-one representative from each tribal community, if applicable; and,

-at least three representatives from non-government organizations/local community organizations, and if necessary, one representative from other departments or national government agencies involved in protected area management.

The PAMB shall, by a majority vote, decide the allocations for budget, approve proposals for funding, decide matters relating to planning, peripheral protection and general administration of the area in accordance with the general management strategy. (DENR 6)