Digital advocates support PCC probe on telco interconnectivity issue

Reuters/Erik De Castro Photo

A network of digital advocates is supporting the probe launched by the Philippine Competition Commission regarding DITO Telecommunity’s allegation that Globe Telecom and Smart Telecommunications is  blocking communication lines going to DITO subscribers.

Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that Globe and Smart should explain as to why its own subscribers are experiencing difficulty in making calls to DITO subscribers.

“Globe and Smart should explain as to why their own subscribers take ten call attempts at the very least to connect to a DITO subscriber while calls between Globe and Smart subscribers are unhindered. Are they sabotaging DITO subscribers because of their growing number of users?”

It can be recalled that DITO Telecommunity filed separate antitrust complaints against Smart and Globe. Digital Pinoys also asked the Philippine Competition Commission through a letter to PCC Acting Commissioner Atty. Johannes Bernabe dated August 9, 2022 asking the PCC to look into the concern of DITO subscribers as to why its difficult for other network subscribers to call their mobile numbers.

Gustilo is also calling out Smart and Globe to spare DITO subscribers from its manuevering against the new player telco and let due process take place.

“The duopoly of Globe and Smart should spare the DITO users from their unfair practice of depriving interconnectivity between telco subscribers. If they have proof that DITO is violating their agreement, then show proof. But spare the subscribers as communication is very crucial at all times and depriving it to DITO customers is depriving them of their basic right to communicate to each other.”