‘Diin Tabo Man? XI’ Kicks Off Sagay Arts Month Celebration

Sagay City has inaugurated its month-long National Arts Month celebration with the event “Diin Tabo Man? XI,” orchestrated by Syano Artlink and Maestro Nunelucio Alvarado at Kape Albarako in Margaha Beach, Brgy. Old Sagay, on February 13.

“Diin Tabo Man?” is an annual event that congregates artists and performers in Sagay to honor arts month, featuring exhibitions across seven artistic disciplines, including visual arts, music, dance, literature, theater, film, and more.

This year’s event was accentuated by a dance performance from NONESCOST/SUNN Integrated Performing Arts Club (NIPAC), a brief play by Teatro Kabuhi from Sagay City Senior High School, Ata Puey Village Heritage Performers, songs by Asin member Noy Pillora, and artburador by PintaSagaynon and the Bougainvillea community.

Vice Mayor Leo Rafael Cueva, in his address, praised Maestro Nunelucio Alvarado for his vital role in revitalizing the arts scene in Sagay, particularly by engaging the grassroots level in Purok Bougainvillea. He commended how the arts have served as a catalyst for community transformation.

VM Cueva emphasized the importance of perpetuating an appreciation for the arts to inspire the younger generation to carry forward the cultural legacy.

The “Diin Tabo Man?” celebration also marked the opening of “Pag-updanay,” a group art exhibition featuring PintaSagaynon and Syano Artlink, along with the repainting of “Haligi” by Burog Alvarado in collaboration with Syano Artlink.

Messages were also conveyed by Rene Encabo of DepEd Sagay and Old Sagay Punong Barangay Rogelio Sayam. Students from Sagay National High School SPA, Purok Bougainvillea, and Sikad Guides Association participated as well.

Throughout February, Sagay City will host a myriad of activities to commemorate arts month. These include a Community Coastal Clean-up in Brgy. Old Sagay, a Visual Arts Junior Class focused on solid waste management, a Junior Visual Arts class for Purok Bougainvillea Kids, a Mural at the plaza by PintaSagaynon, the launch of “Arrythmia,” a compilation of poems by Sagaynon authors, and various workshops on song composition, dance, and art appreciation on Suyac Island.

Additional workshops are slated on upcycled accessories with SUNN Fisheries, a special screening of Anton Juan’s “Amon Banwa sa Lawod” at Cinematique in partnership with Performance Lab, BayVibes2 with Sagay Tattoo Artists, a Visual Arts Talk with Orange Project, the introduction of Young Ata Heritage Advocates, the unveiling of named sections at Sagay National High School Special Program in the Arts, and the 5th Margaha Film Festival.