Dinagsa 2024 surpassed last year’s revenues, mayor says

Cadiz City Mayor Salvador Escalante.

By Dolly Yasa

CADIZ CITY, Negros Occ. – Mayor Salvador Escalante of this city said this year’s Dinagsa Festival surpassed the 2023 revenues.

Escalante also told reporters on Sunday, the final day of the festivities, that there were more spectators this year.

For one, it was the 50th year or golden anniversary of Dinagsa, and unlike previous years when the festivities were celebrated for one week, this year was a two-week affair.

Escalante said the budget for this year’s festivities is about P25 million but the estimated revenues may reach more than P500 to P700 million.

He said the essence of the Dinagsa festival is “we spend money but I am sure the people will earn from it.”

Dinagsa festival, he added is a crowd drawer because this city is an open city adding that “we see to it that those who come here will truly enjoy the festivities”.

“Mahatag namun ang gina expect sang mga bisita and we have been meticulous in ensuring the enjoyment of our guests and visitors,” he further said.

Escalante also that the festivities since day one have been peaceful.

“We are thankful that so far there was no untoward incident that marred the festivities,” he said.

There was one incident he said that was reported involving two women who fought over a man which he said was petty.