Dogs cool down at Doggie Tampisawww 2019

DOGS and their paw parents alike welcomed the return of the rainy season with a cool, fun dip at the Doggie Tampisawww 2019 hosted and organized by Good Boy Dog Food in partnership with the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.

Dr. Elvis Rabara, Managing Veterinarian of Vetermedics, opened the event by sharing tips about dog immunity care. He spoke on how the transition from the dry summer to wet rainy months give the dogs stress-related illnesses such as blood parasites, ehrlichiosis, and leptospirosis from the current wet season.

During this season, Dr. Rabara advised to dress up dogs appropriately when going out and to get them dry as soon as you take shelter. Maintaining our dog’s immune health is a must, so it is important that they are provided with dog food that is filled with the nutrition that they need to fight back against potential sickness and combat infection. Quality products like Good Boy Dog Food provides nutrition that boosts dogs’ health and immunity.

The event began last year as Good Boy’s premier mid-year event focused on pushing forward the cause for canine health, immunity and wellness during the heat of the summer months. After the long dry spell we experienced this year, Tampisawww also became a celebration of the return of the rainy season for its second outing.

Set against the pleasant green backdrop of the park, dogs of all sizes from the small Chihuahua to the large Golden Retriever and their owners were met with a mountain of kibbles at Good Boy’s dog food buffet. Participants also got their paws wet in some fun activities including the doggie pool race, the trivia challenges and the doggie swimsuit competition.

Scarlett with her pet parent, came away as the winner of the small breed category in the doggie pool race with Maria and Boston coming in second and third respectively.


Meanwhile, Good Boy Tampisawww’s inaugural ‘Doggie Swimsuit Competition’ crowned its first champion Ycco with owner Charlie dela Cruz. Adrian Cabuhat’s Coco Channel and Eton Bonifacio Conception’s Jackie came in as first and second runner-up respectively.

Good Boy Dog Food also solidified its partnership with the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center with a formal donation of several sacks of dog food during the event. The quality dog food that has given dogs full bellies and good nutrition over the years will be used to supplement the food requirements of some of the rescued animals in the center. The partnership is in line with Good Boy’s continuing commitment to support animal welfare.

Good Boy Dog Food is available in leading hardware stores and supermarkets nationwide.