DOST-SEI launches FINDING NORTH IN STEM: A Career Guidebook for Students

Discovering career roadmap in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is made easier for the Filipino youth through the inauguration of a STEM Career Guidebook, the first in the country, courtesy of the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI).

In celebration of the 2022 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW), the DOST-SEI launched FINDING NORTH IN STEM – a handy reference and assessment tool carefully crafted and designed to guide Filipino students into the STEM careers that fit their skills and interests.

Featuring a variety of career specializations that go beyond the popular fields, the Guidebook aims to develop a culture of science and technology among the youth, promote STEM education, and popularize careers that are unfamiliar to many. It specifically highlights STEM courses that are covered by the DOST-SEI scholarship programs for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The launching event held on the 24th of November 2022 is a product of a fruitful collaboration between the DOST-SEI and the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) through the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Mathematics Education and Research (FPSMER). This joint effort to produce the useful material transpires under the project “#Push4Science: Maging DOST Scholar Ka! Campaign”, which aims to promote STEM careers and DOST Scholarship Programs to priority municipalities.

UP NISMED representatives, spearheaded by Director Dr. Sheryl Monterola, led the demonstration on how to navigate on the Guidebook. A toolkit for teachers and a guide for parents will also be available soon. The toolkit aims to empower the teachers with the right knowledge to help their students go over the guidebook, while the quick guide hopes to introduce STEM to parents.

The DOST-SEI trusts that the STEM Career Guidebook would serve as a solid compass that could enlighten, comfort, and reassure clarity in the future of the Filipino youth.

“We envision that this guidebook will allow the students to realize their inner potential in STEM and help the country attain a critical mass of science and technology professionals. We hope that it will spark interest among the youth to take part in the highly competitive and tech-driven world and contribute towards elevating our country’s adaption to this new era,” said Dr. Josette Biyo, Director of DOST-SEI.

Dr. Monterola also thanked DOST-SEI for the opportunity to prepare the youth to be more pro-active in choosing their own career paths. “This guidebook is not only for students already interested in STEM, but this book will also be impactful to those who are not yet certain about which path to take in college. This is our way of extending our hands to the future, making sure that we really participate in building the critical mass of productive workforce in science.”

It is hoped that the STEM Career Guidebook could remind the Filipino youth about the essence of a careful career planning and challenge them to thread in the right direction.

The guidebook is accessible through the official website of the DOST-SEI at (30)