DPWH 6 chiefs inspects old bridges in Antique

DPWH 6 Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel inspect the old Ypayo Bridge in Patnongon (left) and Paliwan Bridge in Bugasong (right), in the province of Antique. (Photos courtesy: DPWH-Antique DEO)

The regional director of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) 6, Sanny Boy O. Oropel, along with Assistant Regional Director Jose Al V. Fruto and OIC-District Engineer Bernadeth Betsy B. Uy, conducted an extensive inspection of two aged bridges in Antique – Ypayo Bridge in Patnongon and Paliwan Bridge in Bugasong.

Oropel highlighted the urgency of repairs and regular maintenance to preserve the structural integrity of the bridges during his inspection. He pointed out the vital importance of ongoing maintenance to ensure the safety and the smooth passage of traffic.

“Regular bridge maintenance is crucial to keep them structurally sound, thereby ensuring continuous traffic flow and the safety of our motorists and all forms of road users,” RD Oropel stated.

In addition, Oropel accelerated the construction of the new Paliwan Bridge and provided insightful observations and suggestions to expedite the work.

Oropel praised the collaborative efforts of various District Engineering Offices for their inventive methods in constructing a temporary bailey bridge, which allowed uninterrupted passage across the Paliwan River during the construction of the new bridge.

Oropel addressed several challenges encountered by the regional and district offices and proposed prompt resolutions to maintain the steady advancement of the projects.

“Let’s collaborate to ensure that our projects are carried out efficiently and swiftly, in line with our responsibility as the government’s construction arm. We must be diligent and offer our stakeholders the high-quality service they deserve,” Oropel emphasized. DPWH-6