Dragon fruit recipes to delight guests in Guimaras Dragon Fruit Fest

Thinking of bringing a touch of exotic into your kitchen?

Dragon fruit will make it happen.

But if you are wondering how a dragon fruit recipe tastes without

Come to the Dragon Fruit Kitchen at the Guimaras Dragon Fruit Fest at the Capitol Grounds in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

Dragon Fruit Kitchen will feature Department of Tourism (DOT) Culinaria chef Ariel Castañeda of Richmonde Hotel.

Recipes derived from dragon fruit that will be featured on the Dragon Fruit Kitchen include dragon fruit ice cream, Salty-Calamansi dragon fruit, Coco-Dragon fruit float, and Mango-Dragon fruit smoothie.

Mixing of various juices and blends made from dragon fruit will be taught by TESDA students.

Dragon fruit, rich in anti-oxidants is packed with nutritional goodies like calcium, fiber, Omega 6 and Omega 3, and Vitamin C.

But do you know that the benefits of dragon fruit are not only food?

Dragon fruit can also be used to make beauty products.

Dragon fruit treats acne, sunburned skin, fights signs of aging, and treats colored hair.

To learn how it’s made, visit our dragon fruit kitchen.

In the Guimaras Dragon Fruit Fest, not only local products will be showcased because the purpose of the celebration is also to inform people about dragon fruit farming.

“Dragon Fruit Classroom” will offer audio-video presentations (AVP) and resource persons on information/technology sharing about the dragon fruit value chain.

Guimaras Dragon Fruit Fest: A Fresh Experience opens on September 29, 2022.