Dream a little dream…

By Klaus Döring

While writing my next column, I listened to it. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” is a 1931 song with music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt and lyrics by Gus Kahn. It was first recorded in February 1931 by Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra, soon followed by Wayne King and His Orchestra with vocals by Ernie Birchill. The most popular version was recorded by The Mamas and Papas in the 1960s, with Cass Elliot singing the solo.

This world always seems to be an unwelcoming place for dreamers. In music, dreamers find a place to let their most sincere emotions come to life in the form of ballads. They take us on a journey, while slowing life down to an almost dream-like state, allowing us to breathe in what the artist is conveying. They gave us the term “crooner,” and we drank them like emotional wine. Ballads are nourishment for the soul, and they take us somewhere serene. That’s exactly how I feel when I hear the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

Dreams at night: At one time, people thought that the figures appearing in  dreams were messengers from Gods. It has been generally believed that dreams came from something outside the persons with special skill.

Today, it is believed that dreams are created by the dreamer himself. And because dreams are something a person creates, they may have a special meaning for the person who dreams them.

Just why you have a particular dream when you do may depend on many things. Your health may have an effect on your dreams. A person who is ill or uncomfortable will have different kinds of dreams than that of a person who is well and happy.

If a person is hungry, or feeling cold, or very tired, his dreams may include these feelings. Many dreams seem to be made up of disguised feelings. Also, the events of the day before may have a lot to do with what one dreams. Often the persons or situations in a dream are those that you met during the day. Or your emotion may make you have the kind of dream you have. Needing or wanting something may be also expressed in a dream, and being frightened may become part of a dream.

The feelings of happiness or disappointment which come out in dreams were probably in the dreamer before. Filipinos get many dreams. They want to be free from all kinds of bondage because it is the only freedom they can see and enjoy the beauty of life. I learned this during the last 25 years staying in the Philippines for good.

Filipinos sing their songs of optimism that the future will be brighter than today knowing that the wheel of fortune will eventually roll up in their favor. Many times, prayers have become a monotonous refrain of hoping, asking and dreaming of better times. “Bahala na ang Diyos” … God will take care!


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