Drug stores warned vs hoarding paracetamol, other medicines

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Garcia-Nito

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Is there a shortage of paracetamol or are drugstores hoarding the said medicine?

This question arose following reports on social media that there is scarcity of paracetamol (drug used to treat mild to moderate pain like headaches, also to reduce fever) in drugstores here.

There are also reports that fake paracetamol is being sold.

This prompted the deputy for medical and data analysis of the Emergency Operating Center-Task Force (EOC-TF) to caution local drug stores against hoarding paracetamol and other medicines for flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Chris Sorongon warned those who are taking advantage of the situation and selling fake medicines.

Sorongon said he will request the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to conduct surprise inspection on all small and big drug stores in Bacolod City to assure the safety of the people.

Sorongon said the public should not panic since there is no need (despite the rising number of cases for Covid-19 in Bacolod).

He checked with the drug stores especially the big ones and saw that there was no shortage of paracetamol and other medicines for flu-like symptoms.

Sorongon said that the number of fresh COVID-19 cases in Bacolod has reached 36.

About 98 percent of the 36 patients are vaccinated and all are asymptomatic. Those who are symptomatic are also vaccinated.

However, none of the 36 COVID-19 patients admitted in hospitals are critically ill, he added.

Bacolod has reached 101.01 percent of its target population in its vaccination drive.

Sorongon, however, said they cannot declare that they have already reached herd immunity since it is only the Department of Health (DOH) that can do so.