DUE TO ABRASIONS, CONTUSIONS: SITG focuses on how Estancia shooting victims were killed

Chrysler Floyd Fernandez, John Paul Mark Bosque and Mark Clarence Libao

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The autopsy result on the third victim of the Sept 14, 2022 shooting incident is out.

And it appeared that Chrysler Floyd Fernandes suffered the most gunshot wounds.

The Special Investigation Task Group PALIBOSFER received the autopsy result on Fernandes’ body on Sept 20.

PALIBOSFER stands for the names of Jevron Parojinog of Barangay Villa Pani-an, Estancia; Mark Clarence Libao, 24, of Block 4, Lot 6, Sto. Rosario Village, Barangay Quintin Salas, Jaro, Iloilo City; Jan Paul Mark Bosque, 28, of Lopez Jaena Sur, Lapuz, Iloilo City; and Fernandes, 27, of Dayot Subdivision, Barangay Jereos, La Paz, Iloilo City.

Except for Parojinog, all other victims were killed in the incident.

Senior Master Sergeant Francisco Lindero Jr., the task group spokesperson, said the autopsy report indicated that Fernandes sustained five gunshot wounds and a graze wound. Three of his gunshot injuries went through his body.

“Also, he suffered several contusions and abrasions on his ear, cheek, thigh, and left knee. He has also abrasions on his left thigh and left lower leg,” Lindero said.

Medico-legal expert Dr. Owen Lebaquin, who performed the autopsy, noted that the multiple gunshot wounds in the trunk and extremity caused Fernades’s death.

Given the presence of abrasions and contusions, the SITG is now considering looking into the manner of how the crime was committed.

It can be recalled that the two other victims, Jan Paul Mark Bosque and Mark Clarenz Libao, also succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds.

Bosque sustained gunshot wounds on his right cheek, chest, and right suprascapular area. He also sustained abrasions on his left jaw and anterior chest.

On the other hand, Libao had three gunshot wounds – on his right ear, right cheek, and right arm.

Lebaquin also noted contusion on the frontal area of Libao’s head and periorbital hematoma on his left eye.

Questions on the matter of how they were killed are being entertained considering that the lone survivor, Jevron Parohinog, intimated that two riding-in-tandem suspects shot his three companions inside their car.

Given how quickly the killing and alleged robbery were committed, questions surfaced on how the victims suffered abrasions and contusions, on top of gunshot injuries.

Lindero said that the SITG did not negate the possibility that the crime was committed in two separate areas.

“The newly-recovered pieces of evidence gave rise to the said possibility,” he said.

Lindero clarified that only six of the fired cartridges and six fired bullets were recovered from the crime scene at Barangay Pani-an, Estancia, Iloilo.

The fired bullets, particularly the ones recovered from the bodies of the victims, have yet to be examined.

Meanwhile, Lindero said the SITG is committed to fulfil its mission of resolving the incident by exhausting all possible means in gathering the pieces of evidence, finding witnesses to establish the identities and motives of the suspects, and filing of the case.

“Paramount to the consideration of the SITG is the justice that the victims and their families so deserve,” he said.