Dumangas NHS starts in-service with ‘professionalism in education’ convo

DUMANGAS National High School has kicked off its five-day in-service session with a talk on “Breathing Professionalism: A Pathway to Effective Teaching, Life-Giving Teachers,” held Wednesday, January 24, at the school’s gymnasium in Dumangas, Iloilo.

Facilitated by Dr. Herman Lagon, Iloilo State University of Fisheries Science and Technology Director for International Affairs, the morning session engaged the faculty and staff in different practical school-related dilemmas that challenged them to reflect on their value systems.

He also refreshed the participants on their mandate as professional teachers. “Although tough and tricky considering some strenuous variables in the field, we owe it to our students, colleagues, and country to embody integrity, empathy, instructional competence, commitment to lifelong learning, and fidelity to our sworn oath as professional educators and civil servants.”

Former K-12 principal Dr. Lagon also emphasized the dual ethical responsibility of basic education teachers in serving students’ learning needs while aligning practices with societal interests.

He stressed the importance of continuous learning, adapting to educational advancements, having a growth mindset, and collaborating among educators for professional development.

“A core professional value is the nurturing relationship between teachers and students,” Dr. Lagon noted, advocating for reflective practices and critical examination of teaching methods and their impact on students.

The school’s Principal II, Mr. Jose Garry T. Jamili, echoing these sentiments, highlighted the in-service session as a commitment to providing services to students beyond mere compliance.

“We owe it to our school to enhance our teaching knowledge, skills, and attitudes so we can give more and better to our students, who are the future of our community,” Mr. Jamili said.

The session, aimed at understanding and exemplifying professional educators’ core values and behaviors and equipping teachers with practical strategies for applying professional ethics, has prompted several teachers to share their reflections and opinions in the plenary, leading to a lively conversation among professionals.

Topics covered included ethical standards, licensure, teaching quality, classroom management, legal and policy adherence, collaboration, communication, accountability, leadership, and more.

The event concluded with the participants taking the “Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno,” reinforcing their commitment to integrity and excellence as educators.

Aside from the session on professionalism in education, the five-day in-service training also covers workshops in teaching innovation and interactive strategies.

The last days are intended for department and program enhancement sessions.

Established under Republic Act No. 8886 on August 22, 2000, Dumangas NHS offers comprehensive secondary education, junior high school and senior high school, to 4,800 students, mainly residents of Dumangas and its nearby towns.

With its well-equipped facilities and strong 180 faculty and staff, it focuses on both academic excellence and the holistic development of students, fostering responsible and productive citizens.

(Text by ISUFST OAL Office and Photos by Dr. Joy Grace Demavivas)