E-Curate: affordable interior design platform launched

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Living Innovations Design Unlimited, Inc. (LiDU), a group of Filipino creatives, has launched “E-Curate,” the country’s newest online interior styling platform, in Iloilo City on Thursday, May 23.

The platform aims to make interior design accessible and affordable, empowering individuals to transform their spaces without the need for costly professional help.

“We have been in the interior design business for 15 years already. During that time, we have completed many projects, with many of our clients in the higher-end budget and luxury side of design,” shared IDr. Isabella Robles Go, Principal Interior Designer of LiDU, at the launch event.

“For 15 years, we have embodied our mission to empower and improve lives through the spaces we design. However, we often encounter the notion that interior design is only for the rich, and we want to debunk and correct this. Design should be for everyone. That’s why my team and I decided to create E-Curate,” she added.

E-Curate provides digital interior styling guides and solutions, featuring quality Filipino brands and offering clients a convenient way to style their spaces from anywhere in the world.

“With E-Curate, we’re putting the power of professional-quality interior design and styling right at your fingertips,” said the E-Curate Team. “Our platform is all about giving you the tools and inspiration you need to create a space that’s totally you without breaking the bank.”

Key Features of E-Curate:

-Personalized Online Style Quiz: Discover your unique style with a fun quiz that provides personalized recommendations.

-Virtual Styling Consultations: Get personalized design advice from professional interior designers from the comfort of your home.

-Styling Guides and Tutorials: Access a variety of guides, tutorials, and DIY tips to help you bring your dream space to life.

-Shop the Look: Purchase furniture, decor, and accessories directly from the platform to recreate your favorite looks.

E-Curate is also sourcing furniture and equipment from local brands and manufacturers across the Philippines, supporting local businesses and promoting Filipino craftsmanship.

Based in Iloilo City, LiDU has expanded significantly, opening satellite offices in Metro Manila and San Francisco, USA, due to increased interest from stakeholders outside the Western Visayas Region.

The LiDU team consists of visionaries who see each assignment as an opportunity to be creative while staying true to their mission of turning dreams into reality.


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