Early Biden blunders-2

By Engr. Edgar Mana-ay


Barely four months in power, the Biden Administration had created an illegal immigrant crossing crisis across the US-Mexico border.  Almost 100,000 illegal immigrants mostly children without parents (guided by “cayotes” or cartel syndicates) have poured into the US overwhelming temporary shelters and processing facilities, putting stress on the US already reeling economy due to covid 19 and endangering the security of the nation itself because many of them are criminals, drug runners and even terrorists. Immediately upon sitting as President, Biden stopped the border wall construction which left a 17-mile open gap with an access road (used by the contractors) leaving that portion of the border completely open and unsecured, facilitating illegal crossing. Sheriffs in Arizona lamented: “We just built a road for the cartel, at least 4.7 miles are now open for cartel use”!

The migrant crisis was further aggravated with the official announcement of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the scores of immigrant surging into the country by saying: “Don’t come now, but wait a while and then come later”. This was the most damaging and moronic official statement authorized by Sleepy Joe Biden. Mayorkas’s statement certainly encouraged illegal entry seeing a more lenient treatment from the Biden administration. It took almost 4 years for my nurse daughter-in-law to legally process the immigrant status of herself together with her family, and just like that, Biden is inviting Latinos almost all of which are unqualified (children unaccompanied by parents, drug mules, criminals, uneducated and doesn’t even know how to speak English) to wait a little while and just surge into the open US Mexican Border! In contrast, Filipino legal immigrants and their families are professionals such as nurses, seafarers, engineers, accountants and their children well educated, fluent in English and therefore a great asset to the American nation.

Before the presidential election, Biden campaigned on amnesty and open border policy and stoppage of construction of the border wall. It is Biden and the Democrats that created this crisis, their body language says: “Now is the time to come”. That’s why people on the border now wears Biden T-shirt saying: “Biden let us in.” Biden’s immigration program failures are due to ignorance at best or they are purposely destructive at worse. Biden’s administration has shouted that America is now an open leftist state. All the foreign “bad eggs” and dregs of society saw this opportunity to ravage America for their individual advantage. Crime cartels have increased their drug and migrant smuggling exponentially.

Biden’s Home Land Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has suggested that unused border wall money go to help new migrant crossers, legal or illegal. Mayorkas, like all Democrat open-border advocates, believe American tax money is an open pocketbook for illegal open border crossers. One border official said: “Foreigners think everything in America is FREE.” The American news media admits that the number of illegal border-crossers are in the thousands per day. Between 3,500 to 5,000 apprehended border-crosser per day are clogging the necessary paperwork, which in turn takes many Border Patrol Agents off the line of duty to assist in paper works, which means the border is even more porous. The Times also reported that Mayorkas recently begged for help. “Today, I activated the volunteer force to support Customs and Border Patrol as they face a surge in migration along the southwestern border.” This is an open admission that the migrant surge is out of control. Mayorkas parrots the Democrats party-lie: “NO BORDER CRISIS, JUST A CHALLENGE”. But at the same time, Mayorkas admits that the southern border has an overwhelming number of migrants crossing into the US.

The majority of these illegal immigrants, in thousands, voluntarily surrender to Border Patrol especially those without friends or relatives in the US, so they can be fed and housed in a temporary shelter all expenses paid by Uncle Sam. The daily cost of this is millions of dollars. Processing may take as long as 2 years before a decision is made whether to send them home or retain them in the US. The rest are unlawfully picked up by friends or relatives already settled in the US, legal or illegal and they just vanish and blend with the other Latinos, out of reach of US law. One sees them now in hundreds loitering (tambay in our lingo) at Home Depot parking lot, the largest supplier of construction and repair materials. If you have a leaking roof, buy the needed material at Home Depot and on the way out seek out an “illegal tambay” experience in roof repair and for sure your labor cost will be cheaper. Last week according to my son in Houston, the number of “illegal tambays” at Home Depot has almost double!

While Texas border surge is getting most of the attention, Arizona and California illegal border crossing goes unnoticed nationally. As of March 9, 2021, Tucson, Arizona migrant shelters are also overflowing. Arizona town mayors are complaining that the Biden administration merely drop-off migrants/asylum seekers and most of them do not speak English, adding to the problem. The migrants and asylum seekers are Cubans, Brazilians, Romanians, Haitians, Africans and other nationals. Ironically, San Luis, Arizona is on the Mexican border, so Biden’s people are just moving and dumping these migrants everywhere around the country without a plan.

In my September 28, 2020 article with the Daily Guardian “Assessing the reelection of Trump” I quote: “The Republicans want a total stop on illegal immigration which it had reduced by 90% during the term of Trump. But Democrats want open borders and unlimited admission of foreign migrants with the imposition of NO standard at all with free health care, education and other services to them. This would ultimately result in every poverty-stricken person in the world moving to the US.” Upon reading this at our CPU Engineering Alumni website, I was mocked and ridiculed by my fellow CPU engineering alumni from California, all fanatic Democrats “as one who had watched too much telenovela series on tv”. Just as I have predicted, a migrant blunder by Biden. Ti subong, sin-o correct? I had the last laugh after all!