Elderly man shoots self after finding that wife died of illness

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Until death do them part.

The bodies of an elderly couple were discovered afternoon of Oct. 11 at their home in Hamtic, Antique.

Initial police investigation revealed nothing suspicious about the couple’s death.

It was believed that 68-year-old Loreto shot himself to death after learning that his 73-year-old wife Anastasia had died.

The couple’s family claimed that the woman was suffering from a lung disease.

It was theorized that when Loreto discovered that his wife passed away, he took his 12-gauge shotgun and shot himself.

Major John Paul Guay, Hamtic police chief, said the woman was found lying on a bed in their living room while the man was discovered in a room converted into a storage area.

The couple lived in a house with no neighbors nearby.

Guay said the couple could have been dead for three days already.

Residents claimed to have heard gunfire on Sunday but did not check.

The couple’s death was only discovered after neighbors complained of a foul odor emanating from their house.

The couple has been together for more than 20 years and have no children together.

Anastasia is Loreto’s fourth partner. His first wife died and he married Anastasia after he got separated from his two partners.

Loreto has four children from his previous marriage,

On the other hand, Anastasia has 10 children from her previous marriage.

The couple’s children declined for an autopsy.