Espenido meets folks of ‘shabulized barangay’

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) deputy director, Police Lt. Colonel Jovie Espenido, met with officials and residents of Sitio Sibucao in Barangay Banago on Jan. 21, 2020 to discuss the illegal drug woes.

Banago, which is located in the coastline, is believed to be the “source” of illegal drugs in the city.

Banago village chief Ricky Mijares said most of the village officials, including him, do not understand the barangay’s illegal drug problem, especially at Sitio Sibucao.

Mijares said drug suspects in their neighborhood might not be actual residents as the barangay is connected to neighboring Talisay City which is being used as an entry and exit point by drug suppliers.

In his talk with local residents, Espenido appealed for their cooperation with law enforcement and told drug suspects in the area to stop their activities now.

Espenido also issued a stern warning to drug suspects living in the area that they will be subjected to police operations if they would continue with their illegal activities.

He said they could either be arrested or they would be killed if they try to fight back.

He even pointed out that during their conference with officials of Police Regional Office (PRO)-6, some of the illegal drugs seized in other areas of the region were traced to Barangay Banago.

Espenido added that “if you want peace of mind, and if you want a peaceful community and security for your children, they should cooperate with us.”

“You can never hide it, those who live for [something] illegal should stop, because there would be consequences,” he added. “Today you may enjoy it, but time will come, you will pay for it.”