‘Extra effort to extra welcome Dinagsa, visitors, revelers’ 

GREAT TO SEE. Cadiz City officials and employees lead the clean-up in entire city four days before the highlight of their Golden Dinagsa Festival on Sunday, Jan. 28. (Bilis Cadiz | Facebook)

Cadiz City government officials and employees led by Mayor Salvador Escalante, Jr. took an extra effort to conduct a city-wide clean up drive four days prior to Dinagsa Festival’s highlight on January 28.

They held clean-up activities all over the city proper, including the three sub-poblacion barangays of Daga, Tinampaan and Banquerohan from 6am to 10am on January 24.

“This is an extra effort to show extra welcome to our guests, visitors and revelers who will flock (dagsa) in our Cadiz on Sunday, January 28, for the highlight of our Golden Dinagsa Festival,” said Mayor Escalante.

“We want to show to everyone that Cadiz is literally clean,” he said.

With this, the mayor is optimistic that those who will be flocking in Cadiz in time of Dinagsa will also be responsible enough to manage their wastes.

“Everyone is enjoined to come and celebrate with us during the peak of our 50th Dinagsa Festival. We have lots of activities to offer that you will surely enjoy,” Escalante added.

At the highlight on Sunday morning, eight tribal groups will be competing in the street and arena grand tribal dance competition.

The said competition will mirror Cadiz’s past and present, dwelling on history, culture, tradition and, above all, faith in God via its patron and protector – Sr. Santo Nino De Cadiz.

A street party and concerts with celebrity bands from Manila will follow until  the next morning.

Beyond the grand celebration, and amid street parties, the mayor said they need to maintain a clean environment still conducive to a healthy lifestyle of Cadiznons.

Thus, the mayor stressed, “I hope our visitors and revelers alike will respect our mantra on cleanliness as part of our way of life in Cadiz.”