‘Extreme ignorance’ more to be feared than ‘extreme heat’

By Alex P. Vidal

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”— Martin Luther King, Jr.

THE brutal heat wave known as “extreme heat” being felt nowadays across the world, including in the Philippines and in southern United States, may disappear after several weeks when summertime departs, but the “extreme ignorance” of some Filipino voters who recently responded to a 2028 presidential election survey will continue to linger and damage our reputation abroad.

What a disgrace that the top two leaders in the survey commissioned and confirmed by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) were Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio and Senator Raffy Tulfo.

Duterte-Carpio’s only claim to fame, so far, is she’s the daughter of her father, while Tulfo, whose favorite statement is “gusto ko” (this is what I want), is a creation of the social media and a Marites-inspired radio program. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where are the names of the real statesmen and patriots in the category of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Ninoy Aquino, Pepe Diokno, Joker Arroyo, Blas Ople, Raul Manglapus, to name only a few?

Where are the names of the dignified and the qualified?

What have the Filipinos done to deserve only Duterte-Carpio and Tulfo in the top two choices?

According to the survey conducted from April 15 to 18, Duterte-Carpio is the “best leader to succeed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in 2028.”

Trailing Duterte-Carpio and Tulfo was former vice president Leni Robredo who placed third.

Have we sunk this low?


This was how the Filipino voters responded to the survey: Sara Duterte: 28%; Raffy Tulfo: 11%; Leni Robredo: 6%; Rodrigo Duterte: 3%; Manny Pacquiao: 2%.

Receiving 1% each were senators Robin Padilla and Imee Marcos, former Manila mayor Isko Moreno, and even President Marcos and congressman Sandro Marcos, who are both constitutionally barred from seeking the presidency in 2028.

Pacquiao, who wound up third in the 2022 presidential race, was still there, believe it or not.

The major problem is actually not only the lousy Philippines electoral system where even the drug addicts, lunatics, circus stuntmen, and rapists can file their certificates of candidacy (COC) during election, but the quality of voters which has abysmally declined over the years.

Where in the world can you find voters that elect ex-convict, semi-illiterate and convicted plunderers? Only in the Philippines.

If this is how the Filipinos will again vote in the next elections, God bless the Philippines in 2028 and beyond.


(Ginsulat kag ginbalhag ni Ambassador Leo Tito L. Ausan, Jr. sang ika-1:45 sang hapon, ika-19 Sang Hulyo 2023,  sa Dhaka, Bangladesh…

kap-at nga Binalaybay (No. 004) sa Serye mga Binalaybay sa Kahapunanon)



Sa isa ka gamay nga subdivision,

Si Bason kag Goyang,

Nangin Magkasilingan,

Daw ila ginhungod nga didto makabakal sila nga duha sang lote nga may napasad na nga balay,

Magagmay kag makitid man lang,  nga mga balay, apang barato kag tupaday kag tambihanay.


Ambot kon diin sila nga duha ayhan nagikan,

Apang nakapamat-od sila nga didto lang ang ila mangin puluy-an,

Apang sang pag-abot nila sa subdivision amon na lang,

Nga ila mga kaingud, nasat-uman,

Nga sila nga duha wala gabugnohanay, daw may tema na, kag ginaawayan.


Sa mga miting sang homeowners ang masami nagakatabu,

Kon si Goyang gani ang may itugda, Siya ang kay  Bason ginakabu,

Kag magahipos na lamang si Goyang nga nagakumod-kumod, kag ang ulo igaduko,

Samtang si Bason ang sa kilid naga nagabarangisi,  nga daw sa 6-49 lotto nakaigu!!…


Kon ano ang kagamitan  nga bag-o ni Goyang,

Si Bason gilayon nga  nagabakal man,

Sang magbakal sang Daku nga Telebisyon  si Goyang

Si Bason naghingagaw sang bakal man!


Sang,  sang awto magbakal si Goyang

SUV iya ang ginbakal ni Bason agud siya indi niya malabawan!!

Samtang sa subdivision nagadugay kag nagalawig ang ila pagka, Magkasilingan,

Ang banggi-anay kag pa-indis-indis sang duha adlaw-adlaw labi nga nagalain lang,

Bisan ang amon mga pag pahanumdom kag paglugpay bilang ila mga kaingud kag kasilingan,

Wala gid nila gina ginasapak kag hatagan sang kabilinggan!!…


Pagligad sang binulan, ang ila tig-tatlo nga mga kabataan,

Sang ila pagkahangkilan sa pagpaindis-indis, kag Batasan nga daw indi malabawan,

Amon nga ila mga kaingud namutikan,  nalatnan na sang ila waay pulos nga pamatasan!!!

(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two daily newspapers in Iloilo.—Ed)