Farming, food processing empower rural woman

MIAGAO, Iloilo – Amalia Nobleza was once a barangay official for five years but because she never gets tired to be of service to people, she was able to organize a group of women.

The Rural Improvement Club (RIC) of Brgy. Durog is composed of 25 members, with various activities particularly for homemakers or the wives of farmers.

Nobleza, 53 years old, married and with six children, is proud to be a homemaker and to be called a farmer.

She said that farming is the major source of income for her family ever since she was born until she finished school and got married.

Her husband is a seafarer and she cheerfully said that this made her the budget officer of the family.

However, even if they have enough, she spent the family earnings efficiently.

The family prioritized the needs and not the wants.

This is why they were able to buy 2.5-hectare land which is now planted with rice, banana, cotton, cacao and other high value crops.

Also in the farm area is their poultry venture with 300 heads of layer chicken providing the family’s daily income without a miss.

Since farming is very close to her heart, she consistently supports the programs and projects implemented by Department of Agriculture, Local Government Unit and other government agencies.

In fact, she attended various trainings on crop production technology and food processing or value adding.

She has been able to process her own farm products and has already made “batwan” jelly, “batwan” powder, pipino jam, banana chips and ampalaya crackers.

She said “I am very surprised that I am beginning to earn from all the resources that we have in our own farm. I hope I will be able to innovate more processed farm products that I could also share to the members of RIC Durog.”

“The members of our group are very eager to learn how to add value to the crops they planted. This way they could help their husbands and contribute to the income of their family,” she added.

Nobleza believes that being a woman is not a hindrance for you to be able to help other people and attain good life for the family.

She added that empowered women could greatly contribute and make a difference in the community. (JBG/LTP/OMA-Miagao/PIA-Iloilo)