FastCat Announces the Arrival of its 13th Brand New Vessel

ARCHIPELAGO Philippine Ferries Corporation, is a Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) vessel company with more than a decade of experience in the industry. It aims to serve the needs of the traveling public and business entities nationwide through its passenger and rolling cargo services.

In the last six years, the company has connected the major islands of the country using its state-of-the-art and brand-new vessel, FASTCAT.

Currently, FastCat has twelve (12) vessels plying nine (9) routes nationwide. These are as follows:

1.) Batangas – Calapan

2.) Bulalacao – Caticlan

3.) Iloilo – Bacolod

4.) Dumaguete – Dapitan

5.) Cebu – Tubigon

6.) San Carlos – Toledo

7.) Matnog – Dapdap

8.) Matnog – San Isidro

9.) Liloan – Lipata

It is certified and compliant with local and international safety standards to ensure the safety of its passengers and the rolling cargo it carries.

It has a capacity for at least 34 cars, 7 trucks or buses and 300 plus passengers.

This September, it celebrates the arrival of again another brand-new vessel, making it 13 in total. It is in line with the aim of the company to have thirty (30) vessels by the year 2020.

The said vessel is an improved version, for added safety and convenience of its riding public. To name a few; the engines have a higher horse power for better performance, it has a dedicated accommodation area with an exclusive rest room, TV set and air conditioning at the main deck for People with Disability (PWD), the elderly and pregnant women, the bridge control system has more equipment to aid in navigation, it is equipped with bow thrusters for better maneuverability, and the seating capacity has been increased to 360.

It is also set to serve the route of Batangas-Calapan, an addition to the one currently operating in the area.

With the interest and welfare of the Filipinos in mind, FastCat will continue to modernize its fleet to offer a safe, fast and convenient travel experience.

New routes will also be introduced, to help boost local business and tourism and eventually uplift the lives of the Filipinos and contribute to the overall economic development of the country.

FastCat M15 New Vessel Features

  • The engines are improved and upgraded with a higher horse power for better performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.
  • The air conditioning of the vessel now uses a water-cooling system. Unlike normal air-conditioning system, it emits less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) therefore it is more environment friendly.
  • For easy access, a dedicated accommodation area with an exclusive rest room, TV set and air conditioning are provided at the main deck for People with Disability (PWD), the elderly and pregnant women. It can hold up to 10 individuals. Those who are more physically capable can stay at the upper sections of the vessel with multiple accommodation options.
  • A special type of roofing material made by Sunbrella, has been installed which reduces the heat, thus making it more comfortable for passengers at the sundeck. This is usually used by passenger ships in Australia, and other tropical countries.
  • The layout of the bridge control system is improved and more equipment has been added to aid in navigation, for ease of use by our officers, and for additional safety.
  • The new vessels are equipped with bow thrusters. They enhance the maneuverability of the vessel, thus improving its docking and undocking time especially during strong winds and current and more importantly it ensures the safety of the vessel during operation.
  • For passenger comfort, the design of the comfort room has also been improved.
  • Luggage compartments were also added, both in the main and upper deck for ease of transport by the passengers.
  • The seating capacity has been increased to 360 from 325 to accommodate more passengers.