Filipina scientist-entrepreneur bags international awards

Dr. Jen Elmaco

Filipina scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Jen Elmaco has just been feted by the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GlobalWIN), which recently bestowed on her the Global Exemplary Education Double Gold Award and the Global Exemplary Innovative Leadership Diamond Award.

Based out of the UK, GlobalWIN shines an international spotlight on brilliance, creativity, and innovation by and for women.

Awardees are known for their tenacity, determination to succeed, commitment, and extraordinary potential. Their positive influence is something worth spreading and transcending borders, s contributing to the world’s overall quality of life and our shared future.

Also, as the official partner of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA), GlobalWIIN endorsed Dr. Elmaco for induction into the latter’s prestigious and elite Fellowship.

Aside from Dr. Elmaco, the RSA also counts among its ranks Alexander Graham Bell, who was inducted in 1902 for the invention of the telephone; Marie Curie in 1910 for the discovery of radium; and Stephen Hawking in 1999 for improving public awareness of physics, and the first Filipino science diplomat Glenn Banaguas for his Climate Smart Philippines: Science for Service program.

Dr. Elmaco is the Regional Coordinator of EURAXESS – an EU Commission initiative for research and innovation. She is Chair of the Marie Curie Alumni Association in Southeast Asia.

She also sits on the Board of the Young Environmental Journalists. Her passion project, Girls Congress, aims to equip the next generation of female leadership in the Philippines.