Fly infestation worries Aklan town residents

By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

It’s like the Biblical plague of flies in Egypt.

A swarm of flies allegedly originating from a poultry farm owned by politicians has caused health worries among residents of Barangay Regador, who have experienced an unprecedented fly infestation over the past days.

According to locals, the fly infestation is a recurring problem in the area, but the situation has worsened recently.

Some residents took to Facebook to share how the fly infestation has affected their daily lives. There are families that even have to resort to eating inside mosquito nets and procuring sticky fly traps to capture the flies.

Dan (not his real name) detailed to Daily Guardian the gravity of the situation.

Mas lalong dumami na, tapos araw-araw na lang. Naguusap kami paano na naman kami kakain sa kinabukasan. (The flies have increased even more, and it’s every day. We’re talking about how we can eat tomorrow),” he said.

Dan said the infestation has been affecting them since last week, coinciding with the farm’s harvest period. Although previous harvests attracted flies, the current swarm is overwhelming.

Tuwing maghaharvest sila talagang malangaw talaga sa barangay namin (Every harvest, there are flies in our barangay),” he added.

Dan’s home is just 400 meters away from the poultry farm, and he noted that flies invade their homes, especially during meals.

The situation even prompted them to eat inside a mosquito net as a precautionary measure against the pathogens the flies may transmit.

Napakahirap kasi kung hindi kami gagamit ng kulambo, pagkahain pa lang namin sa lamesa ay nauuna na ang langaw lalo na pag umaga. (It’s really hard because if we don’t use mosquito nets, the flies get to our food first, especially in the morning),” he stressed.

Dan claimed that locals have already raised complaints to the local officials and the management of the farm, but their concerns have not been adequately addressed.

Sana maaksyunan na nila na mawala yung langaw na to kasi talagang hirap na hirap kami dito kasi perwisyo na talaga. (I hope they take action to get rid of these flies because we are really struggling here, it’s truly a nuisance),” he added.

Another local who refused to be named said the fly infestation is a recurring problem in their area, but the infestation in recent weeks is something they have never experienced before.

Hindi pa nila alam bawat dapo ng langaw may naiiwan baka dumating sa punto na magkaroon ng pandemic sa bacteria. (They don’t realize that every fly landing leaves something behind, which could lead to a bacterial pandemic),” she added.


The Primas 2 Poultry Farm Project, located at Barangay Regador, started its operation in 2020 under an Environmental Compliance Certificate issued on March 24, 2020.

The farm occupies a total area of 42,068 square meters. Initially, the poultry farm catered 74,000 broilers per cycle but it increased to 148,000 birds per cycle after its expansion in 2022.

Facilities near the poultry farm include residential houses along the provincial road, the Regador Elementary School, Barangay Regador Barangay Hall and Public Plaza, and the Regador River.

It is also located 650 meters southwest from the Primas 1 Poultry Project and a kilometer away from the Primas Piggery Farm.

The nature of the business is under a broiler contract growing with San Miguel Foods, Inc. (SMFI), who is referred to as the integrator and former Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores, the project proponent as the grower.

It can be noted that Ibajay Mayor Jose Miguel Miraflores is the son of the former governor. Now Aklan Governor Jose Enrique “Joen” Miraflores is the previous Mayor of Ibajay town, Jose Miguel’s predecessor.

The grower provides the building complete with all facilities necessary in the efficient management of the broiler for a period of 28-32 days. After which the harvested broiler will be brought to the SMFI-contracted dressing plant in Barangay Tungay in Santa Barbara in Iloilo.

In the Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan (EPRMP) for the poultry’s expansion submitted by the former governor in 2022 to the Environmental Management Bureau, he said that it is impossible to operate a poultry farm without having some odor or fly production as a result of normal production practices.

“Poultry farms, like any other livestock operation, will on occasion have some odor and fly production, but with good management these occurrences are generally short-lived and provide only minor if any inconvenience to neighbors,” read part of the EPRMP.

To manage and control the obnoxious odor arising from the poultry operation, the project proponent in its EPRMP said a mortality pit will be built in the farm area for the disposal of dead chickens.

It is also provided that mortalities will be stored in a controlled holding facility until they are disposed of at the mortality pit.


Dr. Mabel Sinel, head of the Provincial Veterinary Office, confirmed to the Daily Guardian that they have received reports of a fly infestation last week, which includes reports from the nearby town of Tangalan.

“We are supposed to conduct an investigation in Brgy. Regador and in Tangalan but it so happened that we have a convention here in Zamboanga,” she said on Wednesday.

“Regarding the issue, I will still consult the two mayors (Ibajay and Tangalan). I will directly visit the municipal veterinary office to ask for a report and conduct an investigation,” Sinel added.

Meanwhile, Engr. Alexys Apolonio, head of Provincial Agriculture Office, said he already gave orders to the agriculture office of the two towns to monitor the situation.

“I also informed my office to look into the matter since it is still in agriculture, whether it is crop-related or poultry,” he added.

In operating poultry farms, Apolonio said the fly infestation could occur but is dependent on the waste management practices of the farm.

“This is more about the management system; this is not a natural occurrence that the government can do something about. It’s really the farm itself,” he stressed.

The investigation to be conducted will validate the causes or source of the fly infestation, according to the two provincial officials.


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