Forest Lake secures Php245M loan from ATR Asset Management Group

Total memorial care provider Forest Lake recently secured a Php245-million loan from ATR Asset Management Group (ATRAM Group) to further its expansion of memorial and death care services across the country.

“We are pleased to extend a Php245 million private credit facility to Forest Lake in order to finance the company’s projects in the upcoming years. As Forest Lake’s financial partner, ATRAM Alternatives is excited about the company’s growth prospects, and we look forward to continuously support Forest Lake’s business endeavors,” said Ronald Benjamin “RB” Roa, Managing Director at ATRAM Alternatives.

A memorandum of agreement was signed between Forest Lake and ATRAM Group last November 4, 2022 at the Forest Lake Development, Inc. Corporate Office in Paranaque City. Primeiro Partners acted as Forest Lake’s financial advisor for the Php245 million private credit facility from ATR Asset Management Group.

“As Forest Lake’s financial advisor, we believe in the company’s mission of making memorial park services accessible and affordable across the Philippines. With fresh capital from the ATR Asset Management Group, Forest Lake will be able to launch new memorial parks as the leading memorial park developer in the country that offers total memorial care services,” said Stephen Sieh, Managing Partner at Primeiro Partners.

Forest Lake has opened 34 memorial parks nationwide and continues its expansion across different communities in the Philippines. Since 1997, Forest Lake has revolutionized memorial care that goes beyond offering memorial lots for sale by providing complete memorial care, and grief therapy for their clients.

“For over 25 years, Forest Lake continues to fulfill its vision of building a better place for generations to immortalize memories of their loved ones and celebrate the living. This loan opens up vast opportunities for sustainable growth for Forest Lake, especially now that we are expanding our services across different regions in the Philippines,” says Alfred Xerez-Burgos III Managing Director for Operations, Sales, and Marketing of Forest Lake Development Inc. and President & CEO of Forest Lake Memorial Services Corporation.

Forest Lake’s complete memorial care services include funeral, cremation, interment, and park maintenance services. The first full integration of all their products and services was introduced in their Biñan, Laguna Park. Forest Lake plans to further expand its offerings to its Iloilo and Zamboanga parks in the coming months.