Forging ahead towards a tech-forward Philippines at the 15th International IT-BPM Summit

Today, many companies are trying to regain their footing in a world dramatically changed by the pandemic.

More than keeping up with trends, what will truly set the winners apart from the competition is staying ahead of emerging technologies and harnessing its transformative powers through innovative and visionary leadership.

In line with this, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) will be holding the 15th edition of the International IT-BPM Summit (IIS), the Asia Pacific’s largest and most important IT-BPM conference, in September.

The IIS is organized annually by IBPAP to showcase the breakthrough developments and outstanding accomplishments of the IT-BPM industry in the country, as well as its indispensable contributions to society and the economy. It is the premier summit for the builders, enablers, and innovators of the sector, who want to further strengthen the Philippines’ country-level competitiveness as an investment destination for IT-BPM services. The IIS also serves as a venue for IBPAP’s stakeholders in the industry, the government, and the academe to gain new insights from global and local subject matter experts, foster meaningful connections with one another, and address the pressing issues of Philippine IT-BPM.

With the theme, “Forging Ahead: Tech-Forward Philippines,” IIS 2023 will underscore the IT-BPM sector’s role in leading the way towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future for the Philippines. It will also highlight the new and emerging technologies that will transform the industry and enable it to create innovative solutions that address critical economic, social, and environmental challenges. The two-day conference will take place on September 27 and 28, 2023 at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila in Parañaque.

The 15th IIS is going to open with a keynote by a world-renowned futurist, which will lay down a foundation that encourages positive, forward-thinking conversations among attendees and emphasizes how leveraging technological advancements catalyzes growth and innovation in the Philippine IT-BPM sector. Day 1 will also explore how technology is reshaping industries and societies, and delve into how Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations must take precedence in a tech-forward era.

On its second day, the IIS will put the spotlight on visionary leadership and frame the discussions in the context of the IT-BPM sector’s evolving work types, changing workforce dynamics, and shifting job roles. Day 2 is also going to underline the growing importance of government support and the industry’s ecosystem of partners to the Philippines’ continued global competitiveness and attractiveness as an investment destination.

Headlining this year’s IIS will be (1) a checkpoint update on Roadmap 2028, including performance reports from the past year and the sector’s growth outlook for the year ahead, and (2) the launch of Philippine IT-BPM industry brand, which aims to elevate the image of the sector to potential talent and fortify the country’s position on the global stage.

“The IT-BPM industry’s growth throughout the years is closely intertwined with the emergence, adoption, and integration of technology in the Philippines,” said Jack Madrid, IBPAP President & CEO. “The sector is at the forefront of innovation implementation. This is apparent in the processes we operationalize, the tools we use, and the way we invest in our people—major factors that saw us through economic crises, natural disasters, and even a global pandemic.”

“As the world goes through the stages of the innovation cycle at an accelerated pace, the industry is more than ready to demonstrate its leadership in harnessing the transformative power of new technologies while recognizing the crucial role of ESG principles in ensuring sustainable growth for the IT-BPM sector and the Philippines,” Madrid added.