Franchising regulatory board for tricycles pushed

Councilor Romel Duron, Committee on Transportation chair (Photo Courtesy of Sangguniang Panlungsod via Facebook)

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

The Committee on Transportation of the Sangguniang Panlungsodon Tuesday proposed an ordinance creating the Iloilo City Tricycle Franchising Regulatory Board (ICTFRB) to oversee the operations of tricycle and other three-wheeled vehicles in the city.

Councilor Romel Duron, Committee on Transportation chair, said the regulatory board will help his committee study and address the problems concerning the operations of tricycles in the city.

Mangayo ko bulig sa board kay member man ko sang board sa subong ako lang isa as chairman, at the same time ako man ga-study sa mga problema sa tricycle. May problema abi sa increase pamasahe, problema ka bi sa driver sang tricycle so kinahanglan may board gid ya nga mastudy sina sang problema sang tricycle,” he said.

As the sole committee handling the franchise renewals of the tricycles, Duron admitted that his office needs help in accommodating and evaluating the franchise renewals of tricycles wanting to operate in the metro.

“Legislative body gihapon ang ma-approve pero i-recommend sang board para at least ang burden nga ako pa ma-analyze, qualifications sang applicant amon pa opisina, so sa sina ang board na ang ma-recommend,” he said.

In his committee report, Duron said the Iloilo City Tricycle Franchising Regulatory Board will:

-govern the overall operations of the tricycle unit plying the streets of the city of Iloilo particularly in prescribing and identifying the zone/area of tricycle operation;

-endorse any fare increase for tricycles to the City Council;

-fix, impose, collect and periodically review reasonable fees and other related charges in the regulation of tricycles-for-hire once every three years; and

-review, when necessary existing legislations pertaining to the operation of tricycles-for-hire within the territorial jurisdiction of Iloilo City, and recommend amendments thereto to the City Council.

The board will also be tasked to address issues and complaints against erring TODA officers, members, franchises, and all other concerned persons when necessary.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas will sit as the chairman of the board while Duron will be the board’s vice chairman.

According to Duron, the regulatory board will be composed of the heads of the Public Safety and Traffic Management Office (PSTMO), City Planning and Development Office, Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO), and President of Federation of Iloilo City Tricycle Operators and Drivers.

Duron said he hopes the board will help in addressing colorum or unregistered tricycles and identify the routes for the tricycles in the city.

Ang siyudad ta may mga newly opened route. Ang problema may mga lugar nga former city roads nangin national roads na nga sang una allowed sila subong prohibited sila. The more nga gina-convert ang city roads into national roads, the more na-reduce ang route sang tricycles,” he said.

From 3,000 tricycles in 2005, Duron said there are only 1,092 tricycles in the city as of this year, or a 60 percent decline.

He added that the board will also oversee the operations of other three-wheeled vehicles like the trisikad and the controversial e-trikes in the city.

“Ang tricycle subong generic term na, dala na da ang e-trike, trisikad kay te three-wheeled vehicle, commonly understood lang as motorized vehicle. Indi lang man ang tricycle colorum, ang e-trikes na da gani indi man sila registered gani kay may requirements ang Land Transportation Office (LTO) so hopefully, ang board ma-study sina,” he said.