Game on! Pinoy gamers can win exciting rewards from Aura and The Red Village partnership

Filipino gamers are offered fun and unique opportunities to earn passively as Singapore-based Web3 gaming platform Aura has partnered with the viral play-to-earn (P2E) game The Red Village.

Aura, the exclusive gaming engagement platform, allows users to connect their own digital asset wallets, enabling them to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies by buying, selling, and trading digital characters called Champions. These digital characters are used to enter one-on-one matches and tournaments within the dark fantasy world of The Red Village.

This strategic alliance aims to foster a dynamic and engaged gaming community by integrating Aura’s innovative tournaments and marketplace with The Red Village’s immersive gameplay. In 2022, The Red Village captured widespread attention after securing $6.5 million in seed funding from some leading blockchain investors like Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures Fund.

“We are thrilled to welcome a fighting game onboard. As a long-time fan of this genre, I am excited to witness how the Red Village community engages in various tournament formats in 2024. Our commitment to providing data-backed analytics and insights remains unwavering, a promise to empower and enrich the gaming community.” Aura Founder Abin Arjun said.

This collaboration is particularly momentous for the Filipino gaming community, as the Philippines has been the top country showing interest in Web3 gaming for three consecutive years, according to CoinGecko 2023 report. This trend highlights the partnership’s potential impact in a region deeply invested in the future of gaming.

The Red Village Founder Lucien Dorman emphasized the importance of marketplace providers such as Aura in the Web3 space, where community feedback is crucial for development, “TRV Tournaments are excited to have Aura work alongside the TRV ecosystem as a marketplace for exchanging in-game assets.

The Aura team has worked closely with many TRV players to develop tools, stats, data, and insights that will be helpful in uncovering and understanding the strengths, skills, and weaknesses of in-game assets such as Champions.”

Aura is actively collaborating with The Red Village’s power users to refine its platform, ensuring it meets the specific needs of both the game studio and its players. This includes a revamped game store featuring a user-friendly interface with NFTs that display tailored data points and analytics, enhancing users’ decision-making and gaming experience.

Built across six blockchains, Aura has reached a significant milestone of onboarding over 250 Web3 games and listing 45 million NFTs, and continues to transform the gaming landscape through innovation, user-centric experiences, and active community involvement.

Players who are interested can find more information on Aura’s official X page,