Genderless pleasure

By: Jyh Ming Gonzales

I have asked two very important persons in my life on what’s their understanding if I say that pleasures are genderless. What’s common between my two respondents is that they are both single and happy. The only difference is that they are of the opposite sex and that the man was older than the woman.

The woman’s answer was sex, for example, is a genderless pleasure. And the man’s answer was, having a pet is a form of genderless pleasure. What say I? Well, I agree with both perceptions, their answers may be brief but they could mean more.

If I am going to expand each rumination, the woman is gender-sensitive. She accepts and respects different sexualities and relationships. She came to a conclusion that in coitus, the pleasure is all the same no matter who and whom you’re with, of which the said idea is still unacceptable to others. But when you come to think of it, free of judgment, it does hold true.

Since the beginning of civilization, the royals and the rich do this, jumping from one pleasure to another among the opposite sex and same genders. Immunity to these acts that were considered taboo came with their wealth and power, while the commoners suffer judgment and sometimes persecution. And I could not say that our society today is all that different.

On the other hand, the man is quite happy and contented with the pleasure he gets from having a dog. It is indeed a genderless pleasure and I can actually relate to the feeling with my cat. Impossible as it may seem and a man at that, we humans could actually pursue a celibate life and still be happy. I am not saying that a pet could suffice human intercourse it just gets your mind off of those things. The main reason why I gave my son a cat on his 21st birthday and what I plan to do on my daughter’s debut, to get their minds off of those things.

Well of course aside from pets we could get pleasure from vanities, buying unnecessary things, tolerating our fetish inclinations, giving in to our guilty habits and encouraging our narcissistic tendencies.

If you draw the line between the two impressions, there’s actually a subtle difference, it’s a bit awkward to say that sex makes you happy, but definitely, a pet does. Although the majority say, there’s no other pleasure than having sex either with love, for a benefit or for recreation. The quickness of pleasure makes you want to repeat it again and again, that’s how the human psyche works. We seek pleasure for instant happiness we thought so. I don’t know if it’s right to say that pleasure seekers are sad people they thought that little, frequent and repetitive pleasures are happiness when it’s not. On the contrary, it’s agreeable to say that generally pet lovers are happy people.

Where am I getting at? Just three points to ponder: first, we must not judge others of their sexual preference; second when you are alone, approaching spinsterhood or a widow- get a dog or a cat, and third live a subtle life and stumble in happiness all the time.