GFiber Prepaid marks 53% acquisition growth in Q1 2024

GFiber Prepaid marked a 53% acquisition growth in the first quarter of 2024, underscoring Globe’s commitment to providing the most affordable and reloadable UNLI internet to Filipinos.

The month of April further saw GFiber Prepaid acquisitions triple. The service’s strong growth trajectory is anticipated to continue during the second half of 2024.

This achievement is an affirmation that GFiber Prepaid is the right product that delivers the needs of the prepaid consumer market. GFiber Prepaid, known for its fully digital experience, reloadable UNLI connectivity, flexibility and reliability without any lock-in period, continues to draw positive feedback from a broad spectrum of customers since its launch late last year.

The rapid adoption of GFiber Prepaid is Globe’s direct response to the critical need for improved internet infrastructure. According to a recent World Bank report, the Philippines has historically underinvested in telecom infrastructure, resulting in higher costs and slower internet speeds compared to its neighbors. The report highlights that broadband costs in the Philippines amount to 11% of the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, more than four times the cost in other ASEAN countries.

“The increase in Prepaid Fiber acquisition in Q1 is the result of the strong prepaid distribution network of Globe, as the market becomes more aware of the product,” said Abigail Cardino, VP and Head of Brand Management, Broadband Business at Globe.

“We believe that it is the right product for prepaid consumers with its more stable connection because it is Fiber, with unlimited data, no monthly fees, and we offer a  fully digital experience with loading via GCash and the Globe One app. Reload rate and ARPU is still the highest among the prepaid brands of Globe,” she said.

GFiber offers the most affordable reloadable UNLI internet with speeds of up to 50Mbps along with a range of attractive features, including no monthly bills and no lock-in commitment. Customers can load up easily with GFiber prepaid promos via the GlobeOne app or GCash, and benefit from convenient “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment alternatives through services such as GCash’s GGives and GCredit.

Getting a GFiber Prepaid is fast and easy with no documents required.  Customers can enjoy a seamless, fully digital interaction through the GlobeOne app.

There are four distinct GFiber Prepaid plans tailored to various user needs:

  • GFiberSurf299: Offers unlimited fiber internet for seven days at only Php 299, perfect for short-term internet use.
  • GFiberSurf549: Provides 15 days of unlimited connectivity for Php 549, ideal for work-from-home professionals and avid gamers.
  • GFiberSurf999: Delivers a full month of strong and reliable internet service for just Php 999.
  • GFiberSurf9999: Gives 12 months of unlimited internet for only Php 9999, perfect for transient and rental homes

GFiber Prepaid was launched last year to provide fiber-strong connectivity to more Filipinos at affordable prices without a lock-in period. This is in line with Globe At Home’s push for digital inclusion,  as it champions sustainable fiber connectivity.

By providing the most affordable, reliable, and reloadable UNLI internet service like GFiber Prepaid,  Globe is not only addressing the immediate connectivity needs of Filipinos but also contributing to narrowing the digital divide and fostering inclusive growth through digitalization.