Globe builds robust data privacy culture, concludes successful Privacy Awareness Month

Globe recently held its third annual Privacy Awareness Month, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to ingraining a robust data privacy culture within its diverse workforce. With the theme “See Privacy,” the activity was synchronized with the National Privacy Commission’s (NPC’s) Privacy Awareness Week in May.

Globe’s Information Security and Data Privacy (ISDP) Group unveiled an engaging series of awareness campaigns, focusing on data privacy compliance, best practices, and useful tips for employees across all roles. These aimed to encourage employees to view data privacy through the lens of responsible data custodians.

The celebration culminated in keynote presentations by lawyer John Fajardo, a partner at the Fajardo Law Offices, and Rob Real, Vice President and Group Data Protection Officer at GCash. Both speakers emphasized the critical role employees play in data privacy and protection, dispelling many misconceptions about a company’s data privacy culture.

Real pointed out: “Privacy is about control over information, it’s not about secrecy.” Echoing the importance of a responsible attitude, Fajardo remarked, “Your attitude towards workplace policy is only as good as how you value your own personal privacy. If you’re careless and carefree, chances are you’re going to bring that to the workplace.”

Meanwhile, in a Fireside Chat with Globe’s Chief Privacy Officer Irish Salandanan-Almeida, company leaders discussed the challenges of integrating privacy policies into an evolving business landscape, the importance of shaping a privacy culture within their teams, and the values needed to safeguard customer data.

“It’s about data privacy not just being a law that we have to comply with, not just a box that we have to tick, but something that creates business value and increases customer trust,” said Salandanan-Almeida.

Meanwhile, Globe’s Chief Marketing Officer Pia Gonzalez-Colby called for full commitment to privacy regulations.

Madaling magsabi na we will just box-tick and comply for the sake of compliance. However, if we take that approach, sayang ‘yung ilaw, and we will be missing the point. Don’t let a good regulation go to waste. The data privacy law gives us an opportunity to rethink how we approach things, and put the customer’s security at the center of our thinking,she said.

On the other hand, Jenny Echevarria, Globe’s Vice President for Commercial Strategic Services Group and Enterprise Data Office Group, highlighted the relationship between privacy and trust.

“At the core of privacy, it’s about trust and respect. Trust is something that we aspire for as a brand. It takes years to build a relationship with our customers but only minutes to lose it,” she stressed.

As Globe prepares for future challenges in data privacy, the company invites everyone to join in its mission to foster a culture that respects and values privacy in all its aspects.

Globe’s Privacy Awareness Month is an important reflection of its immersive and proactive approach to data privacy awareness, compliance, and education, resonating with its commitment to safeguarding user data and empowering employees to be responsible data custodians.

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