Globe celebrates Eid, promotes workplace inclusivity

Tajmahal Sulaiman (rightmost), Globe Senior Manager for Platform and Capabilities Enablement Small and Medium Business, with her family during the Ramadan celebration.

Globe has taken a significant step toward fostering a more inclusive workplace by celebrating Eid al-Fitr with its employees.

This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to recognizing and respecting the diverse cultures and religious practices of its workforce, aiming to build deeper understanding and respect within the organization.

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is a time of joy and blessing for Muslims worldwide. Globe acknowledges the importance of this period for its Muslim employees, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected.

“We celebrate the wealth of voices, stories, and perspectives that make Globe what it is today. In the same way that Globe offers life-enabling services to every Filipino, our employees can find purpose and create their best life here at Globe,” said Ato Jiao, Globe’s Chief Human Resource Officer.

Jiao also emphasized the company’s appreciation for the employees’ dedication to their work during Ramadan. “Ramadan is a period marked by sacrifice and self-discipline, and we express our utmost appreciation for every Ka-Globe who gave their best work despite the physical demands of fasting,” he said.

Among Globe’s Muslim employees is Warlie Flandez, a Senior Expert at the Network Technical Group, who shared his experience of observing Ramadan while fulfilling his daily tasks at work. “Fasting while working tested my patience and discipline, but the support from my colleagues made it easier. Taking short breaks for prayers helped me stay focused and energized throughout the day,” Flandez said.

Eman Sardouk from Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business highlighted how fasting at work offered her a unique perspective. “My experience with fasting, particularly at the office, was surprisingly manageable. While some might find it challenging, I personally didn’t. Feeling hunger and thirst for an extended period during the workday actually helps me recognize and appreciate the blessings in my life,” she said.

Globe’s Eid al-Fitr initiative also includes practical support for its Muslim employees, providing a token to help them celebrate with their loved ones. “We sent our Muslim Ka-Globe a token. We hope it will make their get-togethers more memorable,” Jiao added.

Roy Cadungo, Senior Expert for Area Sales from Globe’s Channel Management Group team in Cagayan De Oro, shared how the support he received from Globe positively impacted his community. “I used the support I received from Globe to buy groceries and gave them to Ulas Farmers, fishermen’s families in Naawan, and some local friends in Laguindingan, Tubajon, and FS Catanico riverside boulders. Thank you Globe for sharing a blessing,” he said.

By celebrating Eid al-Fitr and incorporating such cultural observances into its corporate values, Globe continues to set an industry standard for inclusivity and engagement, ensuring that every employee, regardless of their background, experiences a sense of belonging and community within the company.


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