Globe GFiber Prepaid ‘Pamilya Kaya’ is here! Kilalanin natin sila

What happens when you mix a madiskarte housewife, a komedyante daddy with a penchant for dad jokes, a talented gaming enthusiast, and a digital-age romantic looking for kilig?

You get Pamilya Kaya, and they’re about to show you the exciting and unlimited world of Globe At Home GFiber Prepaid! Pamilya Kaya represents the Filipino diskarte in all members of the family and how they can make the best of any situation with what they have to achieve fantastic results.

First up, meet ‘wais na misis’, actress and entrepreneur Neri Miranda as Mommy Kaya. She’s a cool mom, the queen of snagging the best online deals and the most madiskarte support the family in all their needs. Mommy Kaya also loves finding ways to make some extra cash, so she is all set to dazzle everyone with her challenge: live-sell 299 items in seven days. With GFiber Prepaid’s fiber-fast internet, the bet is on!

Then there’s Daddy Kaya, played by the hilarious Teddy Corpuz, a singer, host, actor, and comedian. Lovable and relatable Daddy Kaya stays close to his wife and kids by watching the latest TV shows of their choosing. With GFiber Prepaid as a trusted buddy, he’s on a mission to upload 299 videos on social media and become an online sensation in a week. Will he be the next content king, or will he end up being the family’s biggest meme? Watch out for it!

And then there’s Kuya Kaya, represented by actor, model, and digital creator Raymond Mabute.  Kuya Kaya dreams of becoming an eSports competitor one day, so he hustles constantly to get the latest games and equipment. As the family’s resident gamer, he’s determined to win 299 online matches in seven days.  Will he rise to eSports stardom? With GFiber Prepaid’s reliable connectivity for gaming, it’s game on!

Last but not least is satire queen and content creator Lottie Bie as Ate Kaya. Sweet and charming, she feels ready to find love but not quite sure how to do that. So Ate Kaya is now on a digital quest for love, aiming to find the best matches in seven days. Will she find “the one”, or will she end up swiping left? With GFiber Prepaid’s seamless connectivity, her heart’s desires are just a click away.

Watch out for Pamilya Kaya as they embark on these epic challenges soon. If you can’t be there in person, don’t fret! regional livestreams will be popping up in key cities, so you won’t miss a beat.

“More than providing fast and consistent internet, GFiber Prepaid is also about the adventures, the laughs, the connections, and the endless possibilities it brings to every Filipino family. With Pamilya Kaya, we’re showing you how fun and limitless life can be para angat ang buong pamilya!” said Raymond Policarpio, Vice President of Globe at Home Broadband Business.

GFiber Prepaid offers fiber-fast internet for just P299 for seven days so there will be no limit to what the Filipino family can achieve. It’s easily accessible, offering unlimited internet at prepaid rates, with no documents required for application and no lock-up period.

Ready to jump into digital adventures with Globe At Home GFiber Prepaid? Team up with Pamilya Kaya and create online wonders together! Sign-up for GFiber Prepaid via the GlobeOne app. Gaya ng Pamilya Kaya, Kaya Mo Now!

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