Globe implements stringent data verification to weed out scam-linked SIMs

Amid the persistence of spam and scam messages, Globe is working to eliminate scam-linked SIMs through its improved validation process of SIM registration data.

Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer, said the continuing prevalence of scam and spam messages could be linked to either black market SIMs registered under false identities or legitimate SIMs repurposed for criminal use.

Bonifacio’s insight points to a complex challenge in the telecom industry, where even validly registered SIMs can become tools for illicit activities. Globe’s vigilant approach aims to identify and neutralize these threats through thorough post-registration validation efforts.

“These scam messages that continue to spread could be from SIMs obtained in the black market with false identities or else legitimate SIMs used as mules. There is a market for selling or loaning legitimately registered SIMs that could be used as mules in criminal activity. Our hope is that with the validation process of SIM registration data through our upgraded platform, we will be able to deactivate these scam-linked SIMs,” Bonifacio said.

WIth its enhanced SIM registration platform, Globe is able to verify SIM registration data in as fast as 24 hours. The process is ongoing, and Globe aims to complete validation of over 61.4 million registered users by the end of 2024.

Data shows that the number of spam and scam messages blocked by Globe doubled in 2023, the first full year of SIM registration, at 5.48 billion, compared to 2.7 billion recorded the year before.

This reflects the effectiveness of Globe’s stringent measures against cyber threats even as fraudsters evolved their scam tactics.

Globe reiterates its call on the public to remain vigilant, never respond to or engage with unknown callers and SMS senders, and install spam filters in their mobile devices, if such feature is available.

Customers may report spam and scam messages they receive via Globe’s #StopSpam portal. Globe’s 24/7 Security Operations Center also continues to block unwanted messages.