Guimaras’ corn yield in 2018 more than twice its 2017 level

Corn yield registered a growth of 121.51 percent, more than twice its 2017 output reaching at 2,461 MT in 2018 brought about by the increased production of both white and yellow corn.

Yellow corn variety usually used for animal feeds significantly increased production by 310.82 percent from a negative growth of 6.67 percent in 2017 while white corn variety increased by 8.20 percent.

Moreover, yellow corn buoyed up the growth of corn in 2018 which shared 69.44 percent to total corn production of Guimaras province, white corn chipped in the 30.56 percent.

In terms of area harvested, 57.63 percent expansion on area planted was observed due to the 333 hectares or 219.08 percent stepped-up on area harvested to yellow corn, which tempered the 31 hectares or 8.33 percent shrinkage on area harvested to white corn.

All provinces exhibited upward trends except for Iloilo province which continuously declined its production by 1.50 percent in 2017 and 12.02 percent in 2018.

The bulk of corn supply for Western Visayas region came from Negros Occidental which contributed 49.19 percent in 2018, while Guimaras shared less than one percent. (PSA)