Guimaras’ fish yield down by 29.67% in 2022

Fish catch in Guimaras decreased by 29.6 percent from 7,844.53 metric tons in 2021 to 5,517 metric tons in 2022, as reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

According to Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare, Guimaras’ fish yield weakened due to low productivity in aquaculture and municipal fishing industry lack of commercial fishing in Guimaras province.

Losare said Aquaculture production continually dropped in 2022 with a reduction of 28.74% or 802.03 metric tons shortfall compared to 2021.

“The various elements of aquaculture are milkfish raised in brackish water fishponds accounted for 89.91%, or 1,787.61 metric tons, tilapia for 1.05%, or 20.79 metric tons, seaweed for 7.07%, or 140.61 metric tons, vannamei for 1.04% or 20.70 metric tons, and other marine products for 0.93% or 18.58 metric tons,” Losare said.

In 2022, municipal fishing produced 3,529.15  metric tons which is lesser by 30.17% than 2021 with 5,054.22 metric tons. The 2022 yield was 1,525.07 metric tons lower than the 2021 yield.