Guimaras labor survey includes unpaid work data

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Guimaras Provincial Statistical Office enumerated 192 Guimarasnons in the April round of the Labor Force Survey (LFS), incorporating a rider questionnaire on tourism and unpaid work activities over the past seven days for all household members aged five and above.

The rider questions focused on unpaid activities such as care and domestic work, detailing the minutes spent on these activities to provide statistical information on the equal distribution of unpaid care and domestic work between women and men in households.

Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare emphasized the importance of these questions, stating, “Unpaid care and domestic work are significant issues for sustainable development. It’s one of the objectives in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically SDG Goal 5, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

Losare elaborated that in Guimaras, the 192 pre-identified sample households (HHs) were successfully enumerated from various Enumeration Areas (EAs) covering 12 barangays.

In Buenavista Municipality, the enumerators covered:

– 19 HHs in Brgy. Avila

– 10 HHs in Daragan

– 15 HHs in East Valencia

– 12 HHs in Getulio

– 11 HHs in Mclain

– 18 HHs in Supang

In the Municipality of Jordan, the chosen sample HHs were from:

– 18 HHs in Alaguisoc

– 20 HHs in Buluangan

– 11 HHs in Santa Teresa

Additionally, in the Municipality of Nueva Valencia:

– 19 HHs in Concordia Sur

– 18 HHs in Lucmayan

– 21 HHs in Millan

Losare noted that 36 of the 192 pre-identified sample HHs were replaced due to permanent relocation or the death of the sole occupant. Replacements included:

– 18 HHs from Buenavista

– 9 HHs from Jordan

– 6 HHs from Nueva Valencia

– 3 HHs from Sibunag

The LFS is a household survey measuring the country’s labor market and is used to calculate national and provincial employment and unemployment rates. “It provides a quantitative framework for plans and policy formulation affecting the labor market, collecting labor and employment data along with the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the labor force,” Losare explained.

The enumeration began on April 8 and concluded on April 30, 2024, carried out by hired Statistical Researchers (SRs) of PSA-Guimaras. Losare appreciated the support of all the sample households, ensuring that the data collected is confidential and used solely for statistical purposes.

“The data will be used solely as a reference for the levels and trends of employment, unemployment, and underemployment in the province. All information gathered will be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for taxation, investigation, or regulation as provided under Article 55 of Republic Act 10625,” Losare clarified.